Come summer and we start thinking of deconstructing our shirts to refashion them for that new and improved look. It’s not only on runway but you can wear your buttoned-up shirt in remixed forms for your upcoming girl’s night out or even at office.

So, before the season starts, we discuss the classic shirt with new cuts, trimmings and pattern play.

No wardrobe is complete without a classic button-down shirt. But this perennial closet essential is up for a revamp with a fresh take on shirts by reinventing the design with fresh details. The buttons aren’t always on the front and the collars graze the shoulders instead of clasping the neck. The patterns are old-school, from polka dots to checks, but they are updated with ruffles, asymmetrical cuts and various of-the-moment details.

These new must-have designs may remind you of your regular shirts, but wear them and you are sure to be in a style league of your own. Here’s how to make the most of this eye-catching look!

The Deconstructed Shirts to Wear NOW!

  • Is a checked off-shoulder number. The asymmetrical button details and ruffles around the shoulders are paired with off shoulder collar design and elevated with innovative tailoring.
  • Not just another button-up, the deconstructed shirt is set apart from its conventional counterparts by its collar and ultra-long sleeves. The minimal check and stripe prints keep the focus on the silhouette. A spunky take on your everyday prim shirt!

How to Wear the Deconstructed Shirt

  • Denim drama: For a failsafe look, wear your deconstructed shirt with your favourite jeans be it cropped or skinny. Feeling brave? Pair your shirt with denim suspenders.
  • Easy as it comes: Paired with shorts, a deconstructed shirt becomes your new weekend and travel uniform. Get ready to unwind!
  • Party number: These offbeat shirts will make for a singularly eye-catching look on your night-outs. Team it with a sequinned skirt for maximum impact.
  • Sporty mix: Is athleisure your go-to style? Deconstructed shirts will pack a punch when paired with yoga pants or this season’s big trend, bicycle shorts.
  • Work mode: Deconstructed shirts may not fit every office dress code. For those who can wear these to work, pair your shirts with formal cropped pants or a pencil skirt.
  • Fit and flare: Street style stars are often spotted pairing deconstructed shirts with retro-style bell bottoms and big skirts. Choose a well-fitted shirt to offset the flared silhouettes.
  • Dress relief: Update your regular dress by layering it under a deconstructed shirt. Cinch your waist with a belt for a look worthy of an on-fleek street style star.