The historical epoch of 18-19 centuries started the so-called a romantic style of clothes. This style was influenced by the desire for an ideal love, a quivering and beautiful feeling, as well as femininity and mystery. Probably, any woman at certain moments makes this style her favorite because, at these moments, it fits perfectly into her emotional state. Even man’s fashion was influenced by romantic style.

Perhaps this is why this trend in clothing, which was formed quite long ago, doesn’t go out of fashion. The most famous couturiers invariably use the elements of this style in their collections. Of course, just like any other style, the romantic one has pretty much changed over the years. Crinolines aren’t that popular now; besides, when it comes to women’s fashion, a romantic skirt doesn’t have to cover the whole legs, and the fabrics, used by designers, are quite different. But the main features of the style remain unchanged: a touch of romance, gentle fabrics, and pastel colors.

Elements of a romantic style

Romantic style can be characterized by gentle and soft colors, without too bright tones. Small drawings or prints that please the eye are also typical. In addition, some people complement the style with a variety of hats with and without brims, hoods, thin scarves and shawls, fur pelerines, and boas. Women prefer wearing high-heeled shoes or shoes with buckles, inlays, embroidery, or ornaments that make their image look finished. Another excellent finishing touch that adds refinement and elegance to the look is jewelry accessories.

Romantic style is used wherever it’s appropriate to emphasize tender feelings and sensuality. No wonder why ladies from dating websites like choose it when taking photos for the profile. Of course, it’s also perfect for a celebration and some holiday, but in most cases, the romantic style works best on dates in chic restaurants or theaters. So if you want your companion to know how you feel about her, you know what outfit to choose.

When it comes to office work, this style may not always be appropriate, especially for men. The public function of many professions leaves its mark on the way we dress: a person must show himself only from a professional side. However, for an administrator or sales consultant, a romantic blouse with a vest over it will look very appropriate. Ladies can also use some details of the romantic style at home.

Features of romantic style

Romantic outfits look great both on men and women because they emphasize the forms and strong suits of the figure. These attires make emphasis on such qualities as sensuality, sentimentality, and softness. Among the distinctive features of the style are an X-shaped silhouette, emphasizing the waist, multiple layers, and smooth, soft lines.

As for skirts, the length of clothes can be different, but no mini. Romantic style is all about fabrics that drape well, such as silk, chiffon, fine wool, velvet, and soft jersey. The body is mostly covered with clothing, but its outlines are easily seen under the fabric. At the same time, neckline, cuts, and other attributes are also present.

Drapery is a pretty important element of the style. It can be anywhere. Such elements as ruches, flounces, frill, cuffs, and laces are also popular. Collars are pretty common, too (often with contrasting colors), and their size and shape change according to fashion trends. You may also find fasteners, for example, on shoulders or the back, and such elements as hinged loops and large buttons of various shapes.