With the present context of a working  person’s life in metro cities, where one has to spend at least an hour or two, every day in travelling and struggle through the scorching heat and is obliged to undergo servitude for a period of ten to twelve hours, the urge for the weekend, a natural and a soothing break becomes mandatory. After all the time spent for learning, gaining experience and achieving the well-deserved and hard-earned money, a well-managed and well-organised hospitality does wonders! Not only does one get refreshed both mentally and physically, but one is also effectively prepared to resume with the working schedule with the required amount of enthusiasm and passion. Catering to such necessary requirements and purporting to fulfil the desired interlude is the marvellous Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon, offering Royalty, luxury and the personification of complacency at the best possible ways.

Possessing the best geographical location, the hotel is situated at the heart of the golden triangle of the capital, namely Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, thereby enabling them to enjoy the vivacious environment of these places as well. The luxury ambience, the contemporary décor and the exquisitely designed interiors lure the guests with the very first step put within the premises of the hotel.

Meanwhile, apart from the infrastructural excellence, when it comes to spending time in this majestic hotel, one can truly expect a never-experienced before sophistication and class. Collectively, the panache decoration, the modern amenity services, the Regency Club floors and the Spa and fitness centre, prove to be a part of the breath-taking proficiencies, which the Hyatt Regency purports to aid its guests with, in full sincerity and productivity.

Relaxed much, having achieved the desperately awaited slumber and tranquillity, one immediately feels the exotic aroma of the national and international cuisines which enthrals the taste buds and generates the curiosity among the visitors to rush and browse through the mouth-watering items. At Lavana, Hyatt’s signature restaurant, one delights with the authentic Awadhi cuisines enriched by the luxurious furnishing and the royal light arrangements.

To sum up, one surely cannot get away with such temptations and luxury like a piece of cake! The fine quality dining and ambience have all been the part of Hyatt’s master plan and has hence been justifiably been recognised to offer perfect combinations of personalised services to ensure every single visit to be a memorable one.