Contrary to India being considered as unsafe planet for women, a new trend of solo female traveler’s is on the rise. Insatiable cravings for discovery and travel to distinct places have evolved a sense of nomadic culture amongst females. Free to wander at will, feminine souls are looking for a break where they can travel within the country to less touristy destinations.


While it’s lovely to travel with friends and family, there will always be things you want to do and places you want to go that don’t appeal to anyone else. But that shouldn’t stop one from going there on their own. With emerging trend being the focus, Kanupriya Gupta a student of Communication Media and Film, has designed and created a project called Turquoise Trails, emphasizing on road journeys to exotic destinations for women, aiming to establish travel as a way of rediscovering oneself.


The journey of working on this project has been a thrilling one for a budding student and travel enthusiast. Working solo with an idea so closely has made the quality of her work better than ever. Throughout her work tenure, she kept one single fact in mind. “It is always Simple that produces the marvelous”. And thus, her design has that minimalistic and simple look.

Posted at – 1am on 27 may 2015