1As is always noticed when there is a new James Bond movie, the sunglasses worn in the movie are an instant hit and anyone that has a sense of style loves the sunglasses and wants the look. Well-timed for me, as always, got to check out some cool reflectors at the recent #lensfie bloggers meet and I have them here for you to check out.3

So go ahead and glam up yourself as Lenskart.com has just dropped the winter installment of Vincent Chase eyewear and sunglasses. Vincent chase, the private label by lenskart is a young and quirky brand that has become synonymous with trendy and fashionable eyewear in the country.

Gone were the days when people use to choose depending on the size and shape of their face. With the trend to wear over sized glasses in quirky shades, I think these sunglasses goes beyond the usual, by combining the charisma of the 60s, playfulness of the 80s with the boldness of the 90s.


Therefore, getting a pair of Vincent Chase is a great way to create your unique, classic personal style statement.


Blogged by Deepa Srivastava Kumar for Lenskart.com