In the early 2000’s, low carb diet like Atkin Diet gained popularity throughout the globe. People started focusing on reducing carbs and starch found in food like bread, rice, grains and certain kinds of fruits and vegetables. People who are on weight loss mission or professional athletes often follow a low carb diet to maintain muscle mass in their body. Low carb diet mainly comprises of meat, vegetables, essential fat, nuts, and seeds.

Although long-term effects of low-carb diet are still debatable, people who suffer from certain illness stemming from being overweight are often recommended to follow a low carb diet. For example, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes and you are required to control the sugar levels in your body or lose weight, a well-planned low carb diet can show results within a short span of time. But having low carb food can trigger severe food craving, and your efforts can do down the drain if you don’t stick to a proper diet plan.

Therefore, if you are following a low carb diet for health reasons, here are some effective tips to curb your food cravings –

Follow Meal Time to the Tee

Often, food craving is associated with willpower or resolve of a person. However, there is a psychological angle as well. If you are hungry for a longer period, the blood sugar in your body drops triggering serve hunger pangs. In such a circumstance, you will be drawn toward high carb and sugary snacks. To avoid falling prey to these excessive craving make sure you follow your meal timings.

Never skip your meals. No matter how hard pressed of time, make sure you have your food at proper intervals. Instead of having a big meal, break down your meal into small six portions. This way you will always feel full, and craving for snacks will also decline.

Prepare your Food in Advance

Before embarking on a low carb diet plan, you must always consult a nutritionist. The nutritionist will ensure that you consume a balanced diet to avoid health complications like fatigue, weakness and nutritional deficiencies. Most dieticians offer a well-defined meal plan. To escape the urge to snack, prepare the meals in advance. Therefore, the minute hunger striker, you can reach out and grab the food that is part of the diet plan.

This practice will prevent you from snacking on food that you are advised to avoid.

Keep Hydrated at All Times

Did you know that dehydration can cause you to believe that you are hungry? According to a research study, very often the body confuses thirst with hunger. Therefore, as a rule, you should keep your body hydrated at all times. Staying hydrated does not mean that you only need to drink several glasses of water in a day. You can also drink natural coconut water or eat fruits and vegetables that contain high water content.

Consuming fruit juices is yet another way to replenish body fluid. Invest in a cold pressed juicer machine to prepare nutritious and fresh fruit and vegetable juices at home. Regular juicer machine eliminates fiber from the juices. However, juicer machine from brands like KENT helps prepare highly nutritious juices at home with a lot of conveniences.

Therefore, next time if you feel a sudden hunger pang, try consuming water or drink up a fresh glass of fruit juice to check unhealthy snacking.

Follow a Timely Sleep Pattern

Insufficient sleep is linked to weight gain, high BP, and other ailments. People who don’t follow a proper sleep cycle are susceptible to hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Staying awake for long hours at night can also make you hungry and drive you towards midnight snacking.

Therefore, make sure you sleep early and that you get an adequate amount of sleep at night. Attentiveness, good mood, light-headedness are some other perks of a good night’s sleep.

Satiate You Craving on Cheat Day

If you have been following your low carb diet very strictly, it is alright to designate one time in a month or fortnight when you can satiate your suppressed cravings. However, be mindful of what you are eating. Refrain from eating huge portions of your favourite food like pasta, bread, butter chicken, pastry, sweetmeat, etc. even on a cheat day.

A cheat day can be very rewarding and can push you to work harder regarding diet and experience so that you accomplish your health goals.

Following a low carb diet is no easy feat. You have to be mentally strong to withstand the temptation of food around you. But at the same time, do not ignore your health. Consult a professional nutritionist before you start any diet. At any point in time, you feel unwell or fatigued, you must refer to a doctor or physician immediately.