Diwali is synonymous with prosperity, happiness, and abundance. It is the celebration of success and well-being. No wonder, making big purchases is considered auspicious during this holy period. While we are sure you have your shopping list ready, we suggest you go all out on gold and diamonds this time. After all, it is not just a productive investment but also the best way to pamper the princess in you. If you don’t dig this, here are the top 5 reasons why you should totally own these charmers this Diwali.


It’s an Auspicious Time to Buy Gold and Diamonds

Diwali is considered the auspicious time to buy gold and diamonds. We suggest, you simply follow the tradition. After all, why resist yourself from buying sleek gold pendants and stylish diamond studs? By investing in jewellery during Diwali, you are only making a smart move.

You May Not Get Such Awesome Discounts Again

The festive season is the most loved by shoppers. And that is because all brands offer massive discounts. The Gold and diamond pieces that may be a little out of your budget at other times of the year are expected to turn affordable during Diwali.
Those who have plans to buy jewellery online need to gear up and move exquisite pieces from their wish list to the shopping cart, as discounts may be hitting soon!

You Need Jewellery to Up Your Diwali Party Look

Here comes Diwali and you are flooded with invitations for social gatherings. You naturally want to look your best. We suggest you add sheen to your appearance. It’s time to take a break from the traditional pieces lying in your trousseau for ages and start looking for what will suit your persona.

The bold look of gold and diamond jewellery is ready to leave you overwhelmed, and you just want to flaunt the same at an upcoming cocktail party. We wonder what’s stopping you? Go ahead, spread your dazzling aura and leave a stunning effect on others. If minimalism in gold and diamond designs catches your fancy, then why still be satisfied with your traditional collection. This Diwali, invest in those minimalist designs which you can carry from evening parties to office effortlessly.

It’s Time to Welcome the Fall/Winter Jewellery Trend

When you are busy with Diwali celebrations, the fashion world is occupied in figuring out the latest jewellery trends for fall/winter collection. If you have plans to buy these precious numbers anytime soon, then why not do it at the time of Diwali? It will also give you an opportunity to purchase such designs which are fresh to the world of bling!

It’s The Best Way to Invest Your Diwali Bonus

Your favourite time to splurge is back, and you have the Diwali bonus to help you too. So add to the cart those latest jeweller designs which you were eyeing online for long.
As there is no end to the reasons for buying precious jewellery, similarly there is no end to people flocking at the brick and mortar stores. The lack of time and patience may convince you to buy jewellery online this time. You have online platforms like CaratLane.com where you find impressive range and designs.