You know her and have seen her countless times as a dusky beauty walking down ramps with an elegance, fit for a queen. She has been part of every fashion week since it all started.  To give you more to think about, she was the winner of the first season of Fear Factor, Khatron Ke Khiladi. She has been part of a number of films like Thakshak, Bhopal Express, Inteqam and Chot, won best debut award from Star Screen jury for Bhopal Express. She has also been the face for numerous ads like Tanishq, Chevy Cruz, Leela Group of Hotels, De Beers, and Ponds.

About herself she says, “I am a very simple person and I like my space. I also am extremely hard working and strong willed. I believe life is full of ups and downs and there will always be changes and sudden pleasant and unpleasant surprises, so you need to take life lightly and always remember that you need to be a good human being. Be compassionate and sensitive to people and be kind hearted.

Learn to be content at some point in time— at least once you feel you have achieved certain things in life because life is too short to be sad, angry, upset or greedy!

Look around you, see how beautiful God made this earth and its creatures–both inanimate and alive and smile!!!!”

Currently she has been shooting for covers of Femina, Me, Verve and more recently for The Man (March 2010) and Vogue (April 2010).  Right now, she is hosting a show with the National Geographic Channel called Apollo Flight of the Hawkz to be aired in May 2010.

Family and Academics…
Well I was my parent’s only child. I have had a lovely childhood in Baroda, from where we moved to Bombay. We always had a dog in the house who was the fourth member of the family. My schooling is from Baroda from Jesus and Mary and I did my grads from MS University in Psychology honors.

Parent’s reaction to your choice of modeling as a career…
My parents have been the constant pillar in my life. They were open to my choice of career and were supportive in everything that I did.

First modeling assignment…
My first assignment was when I was selected as the Look of the Year for Femina in the year 1997. It was also around that time that I went to Milan for a while.

Greatest achievement till date…
I am truly not the kind of person to grade my achievements as great or small. Everything in my life has held its own importance.

Idea of an ideal date
Well I’m not the kind of romantic to dwell on ideal dates. Somebody who is true to you as a person and has that real approach to life is all you need.

When not modeling what are you most likely to be found doing…
When I’m not working, I like to catch up on my sleep which as at times it is really elusive with all the work. Apart from that, I like to sketch and catch up on some house cleaning when I’m free.

Essentials for a model to climb the ladder of success…

  • Perseverance
  • Good body
  • Taking care of oneself
  • Discipline

Views on Indian vs. Western models…
There is a striking difference in the Indian and the western models. They tend to grow up early mentally as well as they start working from an earlier age. India as a country is more prudish about its work.

A small snippet bout the industry…
The fashion industry is very eclectic and it allows you to get time off to be yourself and do things you like. At the same time it can be extremely demanding and taxing with the pressures it puts on you and the hours you give to your work. It’s an amazing field where you get to meet so many creative, cool people.

Quick snippets

FAVORITE FOOD: Thai and home cooked anything (all vegetarian though)

FAVORITE PERFUME: Pleasures and Coco Channel

FAVORITE LINGERIE BRAND: don’t have any favorites

FAVORITE DESIGNER: Vera Wang, Alexander Mcqueen, Sabyasachi, Gaviin Miguel

FAVORITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION: lots of India, south of France, New York

FAVOURITE MUSIC: anything pleasing to the ear and soft. There are days I love western classical, or Indian classical and sometimes I love psychedelic trance

YOUR GREATEST FEAR: never want to give it any importance but writing or talking about it

YOUR PIECE OF ADVICE FOR UPCOMING MODELS: You need to be disciplined, hardworking, and down to earth. Learn to respect your colleagues and your body and always have faith in yourself.