A Gemini, considered a curious, child-like soul of the Zodiac, she is always seeking out more in life. She has a never failing spirit and believes in trying, trying and trying as hard as you can to achieve your dreams. Simple and friendly by nature, she loves her life and the way she is living it, in close communion with her family. She is an optimistic individual and loves to work hard. Very hopeful for her future, she has been in this industry for just over 3 years. An official model for WIFW, she been part of almost every fashion week and has walked the ramp for all the designers like Manish Malhotra, Manish Arora, JJ Valaya, Raghuvendra Rathor, Gauri and Nainika and many others. Introducing you to Shipra Malik, the happy go lucky gal.

Family and Academics… 
Well, I hail from UP and have been in a safe and protected family all my life. I have three siblings, all of them younger to me. My schooling was all over the places as my dad rotated with his job. We then shifted to Noida for some time currently we are in Bombay.

Parent’s reaction to your choice of modeling as a career…
Earlier when I had just started out, my parents were not so sure of the career path I was taking but as I progressed and did good work, they were relieved. Right now they are really happy with where I am and are always there by my side as they have always been. 

First modeling assignment…
My first modeling assignment came the very next day I had my portfolio made. It wasn’t exactly all that glamorous but it was a good start. Rahul Dutta did my folio and then I was called in to be a part of an advertisement for Vardhman. This was over three years ago.

Idea of an ideal date 
I think I am an old time romantic in this case. I would love to go out for a candle light dinner with some dance and music under the stars. Most importantly with someone I love. I feel that if you love someone the place does not matter. It is the company that does. However, some good food and a nice ambience can be a good touch to a perfect evening.

When not modeling what are you most likely to be found doing…
Well, I’ll say life has been really busy in these few years, but whenever I get a break for myself I love to spend that time with my family. At times it is also great fun to sit on the internet and surf. Another all time favorite is shopping. 

Essentials for a model to climb the ladder of success… 
  • Patience
  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Hard work
  • Right attitude

Views on Indian vs. Western models…
Well the western models have better bodies as they are leaner and taller. There are a lot of models who are coming in from the west to work in the Indian industry, just as Indian models are going out too. However I’m not opposed to this trend.  I think that this is a big industry and there is space for everyone here. If you are good at what you do, you’ll get work.

Favorite photographer…
Tarun Vishwa is my favorite. You can trust him to make you look the way you want to see yourself. What you would really want to look like as a model and he brings that out effortlessly in his pictures.

Most touching moment…
I won’t categorize this as a touching moment however it can be called so. It was one of my worst moments ever. When I was part of the Femina Miss India and I wasn’t among the finalists. That feeling, though shattering is very hard to forget.

Any small snippet about the industry…
The industry is going crazy about foreign models these days. There has been a large inflow of new models from the west in the Indian fashion industry and the “Firang thing is in”. At times they are being hired over better Indian models just because of their colour, though they don’t even know how to walk.

Quick snippets 

. FAVORITE FOOD: Chinese and home cooked food


. FAVORITE DESIGNER: Gauri and Nainika


. FAVOURITE MUSIC: Soft music both in Hindi and English

. YOUR GREATEST FEAR: Being alone 

. YOUR PIECE OF ADVICE FOR UPCOMING MODELS: Complete your education before you enter this field. It is not an easy industry, so always have a back up ready for yourself.