She has been all over the name it…Paris, New York, Milan, Athens, Tokyo, Barcelona, Denmark, Copenhagen and now India… she started in Milan as a 16 year old and has never looked back again, touring the world alone, working and discovering along the way, every place you can associate with fashion, in her 6 year tenure.

She believes in moving forward every day mentally as well as physically and looking forward to a new and interesting start. Her family, friends, spirituality and her work are the essentials in her life.

Essentially from Latvia, Eugenia moved to India 8 months ago to find a new work culture and a different world. India fascinates her with its myriads of culture and its free air. We caught up with her as she was hurrying through her dinner in Chennai after her show for James Ferrara in the IPL tournament and her next flight to Ahmedabad for another show.

Family and Academics…
I was born in the old USSR country, called Latvia. I am Russian by birth. I lived in Latvia until I was 13 years old, where after my mother and I moved to Denmark where my mother got married. Since that time I lived in Denmark for around 9 years. My schooling was all over the place and it was in the middle of school that I started with my modeling. At the moment I am living in India and concentrating on making the best of it.

Parent’s reaction to your choice of modeling as a career…
Since I was little all my friends use to call me a model. I was always very skinny and had long legs. My mother was always very open for whatever I wanted to do.She still collects all my pictures and is very proud of where I am today. My family has always supported me in everything that I do.

First modeling assignment…
My first modeling assignment was when I was 16. I went to Milan for the first time alone after I signed up with an agency which saw my potential and signed me up.

Greatest achievement till date…
I think my greatest achievement after all these years in the industry is that I have learned how to deal with people. I have seen different countries, different model markets and plenty of people. I have my own experiences regarding work and countries.

Your reasons and plans of settling in India…
I had some reasons for moving to India. My aunt is living in Goa and has an Advertising consultancy ´Challenge studio 21´.
In general, I like India. I appreciate the spiritual side of India, although I think India is slowly losing that touch, especially in the big cities.

Your plans for IPL…
Yes you have heard it right.I am going to participate in the IPL project and I am really looking forward to that. IPL is huge in India and it is exciting for me to be a part of it. I find it interesting and as a foreigner, I will get new experiences by traveling different parts of India and seeing India from different sides. I know a lot of people who are working for this project which gives it a more easy and homely feel.

Your favorite photographer…
Steven Meisel. He really knows how to photograph women. Most of his pictures have a relaxed and free mood, which makes them look natural and beautiful.

When not modeling what are you most likely to be found doing…
I try to keep myself active as much as possible. I usually go out with friends, indulge in some kind of sports, seeing new places and reading. I try to set small goals for myself every day.

Five essentials for a model to climb the ladder of success…

  • Character
  • Individuality
  • Strong personality
  • Hard working
  • Sociable

Views on Indian vs. Western models…
Indian model market is very different from the Western.  I would say that India is still conservative, which stops it from coming at par with its western counterparts. It will take India a few more years to develop its fashion industry before it can be set up with a Western outlook.

However, India has its own huge market, which is slowly developing and is doing well in India.

Quick snippets  

FAVORITE FOOD: My grandma’s food, Russian delicacies and chocolate.



FAVORITE DESIGNER:  Bruuns Bazaar, Rajesh Pratap Singh


FAVOURITE MUSIC: Electronic, Jazz, Russian Pop and rock


YOUR PIECE OF ADVICE FOR UPCOMING MODELS:  Be yourself.  Know yourself; know your wishes, your goals. Know where you are going and what you are doing. Be positive and be happy.