1Shahpura Bagh

Moving away from havelis but not majestic forts, it was a 6 hour drive we were told from Churu to Shahpura, falls under Bhilwara, Rajasthan. Our next destination was Shahpura Bagh , steeped in tales of chivalry by Digvijay Singhji (the reigning scion)and his two sisters.

The 40-acre estate was won by Rajadhiraj Sujjan Singh in 1630 AD for successful military campaigns against the Marathas and Afghans from Mughal emperor Shahjahan.2

The nature bedecked estate is full of energy with different species of birds and Peafowls may-awes.  It has two restored bungalows, a pool with beguiling decks set within and around the pool. Designed in a contemporary royal style, the 9 Suites in Shahpura Bagh are spread between Nahar Niwas and Umed Niwas, Nahar Niwas is also being the family residence.


45I was delighted with the magnificent interiors, sumptuous meals of rajgharana and personalized service by the Khidmatgars at their personal dinning space, the likes of which you would rarely see in practice. With Shatrujit and Jai Singh away, we were hosted superbly by Mahender ji and her brother Digvijaysingh ji, creating a space where only the excitement of the history of the kingdom permeates through the locals.

The old fort Dhikola , where the family ruled was given to the government supervision on a condition that it will be restored, however it helped in getting their legacy ruined. Seeing it getting demolished, all efforts by the family is been made to lease back and re-establish their heritage, alas, has gone futile. The family runs its own school with a special emphasis on education for a girl child and women empowerment, is also involved in many development and restoration projects in Shahpura and community welfare by the two sisters.

At Shahpura one can visit Dhikola fort, have an evening tea at families’ farmhouse or to less publicised Sri Ramnivas Dham, has a history of Ram bhakt attached to it which the family take pride in talking about it. You can also do cycling or go for boating at their private lake to be found on the backyard of estate.


The Shahpura bagh is truly royal fashion, gives you a feeling of tranquility where every moment is woven together into an everlasting and immemorial experience to be lived and cherished forever.


… on roll Patan Mahal

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