3If a holiday isn’t a holiday unless you’ve scared yourself senseless jungle trails, bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Abseiling, Rock Climbing, rafting are just some of the things which are at arm’s length from Aalia Resort on the Ganges, a perfect weekend getaway.

After a good five hours journey, not knowing what future had for me, I was completely besotted with the beauty of the Aalia, a fortunate stroke of serendipity. I re-discovered Haridwar with Aalia, located on the banks of the mighty Ganges and the Himalayan foothills, not far from Rishikesh and Rajaji National Park, it was a much needed break, how i wished if it can be a long one!!


Experiencing a sense of serenity and peace from the usual hustle bustle, I wandered only to know that the resort has about 12 villas each consisting three rooms, the ground floor has even a living and dining room as well.The evening has a lot to offer, from a game of archery, scottish crochet to volley ball, they even have a private helipad and children’s recreation center and a pool.

As a spiritual retreat,who would not want waking up and seeing Ganga glisten at a distance, with so many temples dedicated to Maa-Ganga, Aarti at the Har-ki-pauri is unmatched. While at Aalia on the Ganges you can offer your prayers, privately in the confines which are so atmospheric and magical, with the incense and tiered lamps waving in the air. Further tranquility awaits you in the spa with the highly personalized treatments from Body Exfoliation, Balinese to Swedish aided by Junti and the team.


As for food, the house chef deserves applause as the dishes alone will wow you beyond belief. Everything’s fantastic and I can say with confidence they have one of the finest resort menu to offer. Aptly maintained by the General Manager Dheeraj Chauhan and team, the Aalia villas are ideal for it affords privacy and space to its residents.

So, go forth and select your next destination, because as this selection of adventures proves; there’s so much more to a memorable holiday than simply laying on a beach…


Posted by – Deepa Srivastava Kumar on June 2, 2015