Malji ka kamra, Churu

It is that time of year when everybody plans to leave for some exotic destinations, cruises, spiritual enlightenment or head towards majestic mountains to rejuvenate one self and get ready for hectic work schedules.

Offlate, international travel has become a trend to hold position in our civilization, not withered with trends or statuses; I was thinking of just getting away from all the glamour (oops), being in fashion the adjectives come handy. This reminds me of an interesting conversation I had with Mr. Deepak Balan (owner Malji ka Kamra, Churu), he was inquisitive to know, what is so Fashionable of Rajasthan that made me explore the world’s oldest, mightiest and aesthetically profound palaces. Well, my answer is, isn’t, vibrant colours, rustic charm, awe-inspiring history mixed with extravagant indulgences of Maharajas, our luxury, which is correlated to fashion!!


Although luxury is relative and can mean something different across different societies and cultures, but once you reach Malji ka kamra hotel, which was actually a RangMahal of one of the Marwari Merchant of Churu, is a grand turquoise haveli from 1920s, with some marvelous fresco paintings.Untitled-1

Deepak’s grandfather worked with Malji Kothari a wealthy trader in Churu, tough times resulted in him losing his Rangmahal, which Deepak’s father, a known advocate in Churu fought and won, took painstaking 8 years, only to conceptualize into a heritage hotel with 13 rooms. Reinstating the legacy, the Maharaja room still holds the structural design of that time with a chor darwaja to Maharani Room.

The exotic havelis are dotted throughout the majestic abode of Rajasthan specially the ones of Shekhawati region with captivating stories. I was enthralled by the evident pride that its inhabitant Lal Singh had in his land, however feel sad that it is in ruins.

01With overtly welcoming staff of Malji Ka karma, I was quiet contended with my decision(courtesy Rare Destinations). The vast to discover, Rajasthani cuisine, is a splendid array of unique, rich, colorful, spicy and mouth-watering dishes presumably in desi ghee by Chef Manoj Singh. His style of cooking, is not only the mirror of wealth and prosperity, but also reflects the traditional lifestyle of the region. I still linger the taste of his delectable dishes like daal-baati-churma, Ker-Sangri and Papad ki sabzi to popular non-vegetarian delights like Laal Maas, even his simplest breakfast meal, Poha is worth mentioning, leave apart distinctive methi chutney and refreshing saunf and bel coolers.




While at Malji Ka Kamra, one can have personalized bangles, visit the national award winner of sandalwood craft and the ancient Jain temple with 400 year old Mahavir statue. You can even explore surana and baid havelis, golden haveli and tula ram ka kamra (rang mahal) at Mehansar or Ramgarh Chatris all at 30 mins distance from Churu.


But for times when you see your heritage that leaves your mouth agape and your tongue flapping, a more serious set of definitions should be in order. Thinking, I moved to my next destination, only to come back soon…

…see you in Shahpurabagh

Blogged by – Deepa Srivastava Kumar