Chanel seems to have this tendency of surprising all those who are concerned about their skin especially facial skincare.

Over the past few years, I’ve been very curious about Chanel’s move as we know that the most sought after beauty has been resistant to outside trends. Lately, Chanel ventured onto a holistic journey of wellness and longevity with the launch of specialised boosting serum which is not been addressed by mainstream cosmetics.


Their most recent launch, Chanel Blue (Universal) Serum was prophesied by Christian Mahé, the brand’s senior vice president of beauty and innovation. It comes with unique formulations and has a dense gel serum texture, which doesn’t feel oily or heavy et all but spreads easy and gives a slight firming effect. Follow up with your regular Chanel Le Lift, and your skin feel firmer.


This lightweight, nourishing serum helps keep skin looking younger, firmer and healthier. After 4 weeks of use, skin appears smoother, with a 35% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, 26% firmer and 37% more even.
Don’t be mistaken, as the ‘blue’ in the name refers not to the colour of the product, but its key ingredients are sourced from the “blue zones” of the world. Inspired by the regions where people live longer: The Blue Zones, Chanel Research sourced the longevity ingredients from the populations of Okinawa (Japan), Greece, Sardinia (Italy) and Costa Rica.

The three active ingredients found in the diets of these people, include highly-concentrated doses of green coffee, olive oil, and lentisk gum. The ingredients are used in their purest form to visibly iron out wrinkles and improve the skin’s texture.

To Apply, Chanel suggests massaging the product onto a freshly-cleansed face using deep, smoothing movements, before starting your daily beauty routine.

Blogged by Deepa Srivastava Kumar