In the iridescent decor of a tea room with pastel tonalities, Chanel Arizona Muse presents us with silhouettes from the Spring-Summer 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection with grace and delicacy.

This season, more than ever, femininity takes the lead in a collection that combines the finesse of lingerie and lightweight fabrics with the comfort of tweed.


Thus, the jacket is adorned with chunky jersey braids or strips of touch fastener and is paired with diaphanous and colourful blouses in silk crêpe.

Delicate lingerie in georgette and lace is visible beneath suits. Colours explode all over a long dress in pleated chiffon with a multi-coloured psychedelic print. The XXL earrings are worn mismatched while the pearl sautoirs and necklaces are layered on in accumulation.

Blogged by Deepa Srivastava Kumar