Deepen likes Sketching, Painting, Blogging. I also started a blog called Stylen’Sketch. His interests are travelling, music, language. He already is fluent in Spanish and French, but also wants to learn Hebrew and Italian. When it comes to design, Deepen is most inspired by music (favourite singer is Shakira) and his own curiosity and eccentricity. His favourite designer is Jean Paul Gaultier and his current muse is Karlie Kloss. He describes his design philosophy as indented and enchanted. If he wins the competition, he wants to invest his fame and money in specializing in Haute Couture.  He wants to learn the art of Haute Couture from Chambre de la sydicale dela Couture.

Pradipta loves to paint, from colours to water colours to oil painting; he has tried his hand at everything. His likes to sleep and catch up with his friends in his free time. He takes his design inspiration from nature and its balance. His favourite designer is Alexander McQueen and his muse is Lady Gaga. He wants to design clothes that are comfortable and wearable and very colourful. If he wins the competition, he wants to invest his fame and money in his own brand and learn more in the process.

Sanya likes to sketch and read. Her favourite books are Shantaram and The Outsider. She likes to cook in her free time. She takes her inspiration from repetition, asymmetry. With her designs, she tries to break rules and create something new every time. Her muse is her sister and her favourite designer is Alexander McQueen.

Vimal is believes in versatility. He is a sketch artist, painter, mimicry artist, actor and a stand-up comedian. New concepts inspire him and he believes in using his resources in the best possible way to create a garment. His favourite designer is Hussein Chalayan and Sonam Kapoor is his muse. If he wins the competition, he wants to invest his fame and money in his art.

Gurmaan Singh Chawla likes photography, gaming and driving. Music and cars interest him. He takes his inspiration from futurism, European art & architecture. His favourite designer is John Galliano and he likes to create garments that are detailed, structured and textured. He is in the competition only for recognition and money would just be one of the perks for him.

Vedangi likes designing, basketball and movies. She is a self confessed movie freak, her latest favourite is Life of Pi and her all-time favourite movie is The Devil Wears Prada. She lists draping as her major interest and takes inspiration from the designs of McQueen and Manish Malhotra. Her favourite designer is Coco Chanel and her muse is Madonna. Her design philosophy is to create clothes that are chic, elegant and lady-like.

Dimpali likes swimming, rifle shooting and cycling. In her free time, she likes to surf the internet and look at various photo blogs and fashion blogs: She is a poet too. People and different characters inspire her and she wants to create clothes that are wearable and buyable. Her favourite designers are Haider Ackerman and Alexander McQueen.

Padma Raj Keshri lists research, fabric modeling and forecast as his hobbies. Travelling and collecting stamps also interest him. He gets inspired from colours a sound and his favourite designer is John Galliano. His muse is Lady Gaga and he likes to make clothes that are bulgy, voluminous and extravagant. If he wins, he wants to use the money and appreciation for his masters.

Anu likes to read and her favourite book is Alistair Maclein. History of art interests her and Bauhaus is her favourite art movement. Her favourite designer is Stella McCartney and her muse id Sandra Bullock. Her design philosophy is practicality and utility. She wants to make clothes that are wearable. Her dream job is to become a fashion curator and to work in fashion museums.

Josh is passionate about riding vintage motorbikes. He owns a 72 Royal Enfield and in his free time, he likes to go on road trips to Himalayas. He is also interested in music production and loves techno music.  The contradiction between the sartorial conservatism and radical minds inspire him and when he designs clothes, he wants to achieve restraint elegance and the right mixture between the discreet and the approachable. His favourite designers are Kris Van Assche and Neil Barrett. He likes Freida Pinto and Sonia Gandhi fir their phenomenal style and their eye for details. If he wins the competition, he would put everything in his label.

Deepjyoti likes photography and travelling. He is a self confessed foodie and Indian is his favourite cuisine. New concepts and stories inspire him and his favourite designer is Hussein Chalayan. Brad Pitt is his muse and he wants to create garments that are both, beautiful and functional. If he wins the competition, he would use the money and fame in strengthening his brand.