All of us have a particular style of dressing through which people recognise us and we express ourselves. Sticking to the same style not only spoils the look but also makes you come across as a dull and boring person. Speaking of style, the most common style rut majority women are stuck in is a pair of denims and a top. The typical blue shades of denims make the look very obvious and monotonous.I know nothing can get more comfortable than your all time favourite skinny jeans and shirt but dressing the same way all the time fails to make an impact.

Thinking of being stuck in a style rut, I thought, how about giving way to coloured pants instead of the usual denims by complementing it with fashion accessories. The style offers the same kind of comfort as denims and the overall look is more attractive and comfortable at the same time.

I tried it on! The red pants were like a sudden burst of colour and made me look so different and elegant.

So, women try this look to free yourself from your style rut…

Posted by : Vidhi Gandhi of