Relish the sizzling hot delicacies at Ai, straight from the Wood Fired oven and don’t miss the wood smoke aroma in the air. It is perhaps the only Japanese restaurant in India to introduce a wood oven for cooking.

Styled after Nobu London and Nobu Melbourne’s wood oven, it is the most unique kitchen equipment for a contemporary Japanese restaurant today. The oven is enclosed with the wood being burnt inside to radiate heat for cooking, giving exotic wood smoke aroma. The design of the oven is quite similar to an Italian wood fired oven, apart from the fact it is used for cooking only delicate fish, seafood, meats, veggies and not pizzas. The oven also uses Sakura(Cherry Blossom) wood chips to smoke some of our food items.

Great ambience, lively lounge inside with an option of in Alfresco is a double whammy, with an exciting new menu.

Says Chef Saby, “All the dishes are cooked in a single cast iron plate and served sizzling hot to guests straight from the wood oven. There are two main styles of dishes cooked at the wood oven – The Toban Yaki where the main dish is accompanied by clear soup or broth boiling on the same cast iron plate and the Wood Grilled dishes.”
All dishes are made with a thick sauce or glaze which is also served on a sizzling hot cast iron plate. The highlights of the oven are that it cooks very fast sealing all the juices and nutrients inside of food items. Since everything is wood grilled no/or very little oil is used for cooking. The oven uses the best Japanese or seasonal produce and has almost no carbohydrates since nothing on the menu is fried.

With an exciting new hot dessert (a la carte) freshly bake cake with organic honey and vanilla ice cream from the same oven which has never been done before in the country is a must try. 

Well known socialite Amu Saidi hosted an enthralling afternoon lunch at FIO, Country Kitchen Bar, Garden of Five senses to wade of the winters and an exclusive viewing of Taniya Khanuja’s Spring Summer ’10 collection.

Toasting her arrival on the Indian fashion shores, Amu Saidi handpicked a few style divas to wear her statement ensemble. Amu herself staged in a ink blue corseted gown stealing all attention in the myriad pebbled setting of the restaurant.

The afternoon was bright and buzzing with fashion for real women as the style divas comfortably luxuriously moved around in Taniya Khanuja collection with their wine glasses and often posing for a picture or two in between. The choice of real women over models was also an upclose meet of fashion with its actual consumer. And there is no wonder that the ladies painted a picture perfect image of fashion, luxury and oomph. To grace the meet also came in Ramola Bachchan and the very gorgeous Sangeeta Bijlani. 

The warm rendezvous was taken forward over an Italian over lunch laid out in exquisite Italian cuisines and mouth watering tarts for deserts.

Pria Kataria Puri creates a melange of elegance and glamour to bring you MAHARANI GAYATRI “THE JEWEL OF INDIA” Made for the graceful, sensuous, independent, woman of substance, this collection delivers the true essence of all that is royal beautiful, glamorous and mesmerizing.

An elated Pria Kataaria Puri state, Her elegant chiffon sarees combined with a string of pearls have become legendary in the world of fashion. My Resort collection is dedicated to her iconic stature- the maharani with flawlessly chiselled features, pretty as a picture with a reflective, distant look in her eyes.

February 26, 2010

The Latest
NYFW Fall Winter Trends

All eyes were on NY Fashion Week after news broke it would be the last year…
Charu Parashar

Scrupulous attention to details and the last minute finishing touches meted…
Carpet Couture by Rashi

Fashion has a new destination as it encompasses the home sweet home…
The Indian Groom at AZA

Aza Men hosted an evening celebrating the Indian Groom. The evening showcased…..
Chamomile Unveils SS 2010

Vineet and Kanchan Dhingra’s store Chamomile has carved out a niche for…

KFLW Interrogated



All eyes were on NY Fashion Week after news broke it would be the last year the event will be held in the tents at Bryant Park, causing the industry to come out for one last hurrah.  WWD predicted the F/W 2010 collections would be the key to lure shoppers back to spending. And will it?  A back-to-basics approach always proves favorable for consumers and designers found ways to add a little extra something to the basics, from adding fur to leather coats to ruffles on a dress.  Here’s a look at fall’s most important trends.

Citrus Colors
All the usual colors were present in fall’s collections including, black, white, gray, and taupe, but one of the biggest trends to come out of the week-long showing was the color yellow.  Seen in hues ranging from bright lemon to deep mustard, yellow seems to be the color for the upcoming season.

Ruffles, a trend that has already made an appearance for spring 2010 continues way into the fall.  Designers added ruffles to shirts, dresses and on jackets.  It’s a great way to lighten up a look.

Most designers chose to implement the edgy fabric into their collections, but gave the material a softer, more sophisticated appeal. A perfect way to add the ‘cool’ factor to your wardrobe.

Fall 2010 will be the season of decadent furs that go beyond outerwear and are incorporated into fashion in a decidedly more progressive manner.

Shoulder Detail
Lots of shoulder pads, voluminous shoulder treatments, ruffled shoulder details and extended shoulder lines.  Shoulder details came in such assortment that anyone should be able to find something great from this trend.

It’s all about showing a little skin without taking it too far.  An understated yet sexy way to show skin, cutouts popped up allover the body, some with mesh or lace insets.

Designers embraced seasonless dressing.  When in doubt, pile it on, and just see where it takes you.

A lot of speculation and set back surrounds the city of joy Kolkata this week as the much anticipated Kolkata Fashion and Lifestyle Week got cancelled at the very last minute and has thronged the fashion industry in grief and confusion. We have always been discussing the reason and affect of India’s fashion picture internationally with the growing number of fashion week.  But as the fashion week got weak the industry realizes the void and the Kolkata fashion consumer deprived of their fashion quotient.

Kolkata though came to the fashion front a little late but has been the support system and backbone of the Indian fashion scene by sharing their talents like Kiran Uttam Ghosh, Anamika Khanna and Sabyasachi  to name a few who have brought international recognition to the country with their fresh and altered creativity. Kolkata with all its potential to crave its niche for the next fashion capital in the country needs the support of the fashion industry to pull back and get functional with full energy. 

The event which was being organized by the Purple People Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and spearheaded by its MD Yudhajit Dutta promised a much infused fashion event with primary focus on serious fashion business. With lot of mixed reactions from the gallery of designers and models associated with the event, there is group of design fraternity which still entrusts in Yudhajit’s vision and Kolkata as a fashion market. And on the next day of cancellation we saw our mailbox with a message from Yudhajit, as follows:

 “Words are hard to find to describe to you how sorry I feel while drafting this mail.  After all the hard work and involvement that we  put into Kolkata Fashion and lifestyle week, our Main sponsor backed out last minute leaving us crippled and not in a position to do much. Also we were having serious problems in obtaining permissions as our dates clashed with Dol Jatra in Kolkata.

Considering the given scenario and time frame, and keeping everyone’s best interest in mind, Kolkata Fashion and Lifestyle week had to be postponed .

 I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for always being there as guiding forces, friends and supporting me through thick and thin.

This is a temporary setback and we would like to quell all speculations making it clear that it will not affect our plans in any way. It will only help us to return in a bigger and better way. The dates will be announced as soon as possible.

We will maintain complete transparency about further developments of KFLW season I and will confirm you as soon as the revised dates are ascertained.

We will surely not allow any hindrance in the path of our vision of a successful KFLW and continue with our sincere efforts
Warm Regards

A lot of designers and models have fire-balled after its cancellation and also stated that Kolkata has lost their trust and they would not showcase again. We only hope that Yudhajit settles the issues with angered designer and get them for his love and duty towards the Kolkata. Manoviraj Khosla very frankly says, “It is the sponsor to be blamed and not Yudhajit. He has always put up a great show and I have complete trust on him. And I would definitely participate at the KLFW fashion week whenever it is held.”

Gayatri Khanna another participating designer at the KLFW opines “I am loyal to the city Kolkata and would definitely showcase there. And though I don’t have any complains towards the organizers as they could not foresee a problem of this caliber. However for me the organizers are not that important as the city is.”

All the debate and blame game happening in the industry, the mainstream media which floats with garment malfunction news kept quite mum or indifferent towards the whole issue. But as we go on discussion with designers associated with KLFW, they certainly are awaiting to fashionize the city with their creations and Kolkata impatiently waiting for their share of fashion.

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Fashion has a new destination as it encompasses the home sweet home in its glitzy galaxy. The very style avante garde edition to fashion spaces is added by Carpet Couture, a brand unleashed to fame BY Rashi Bajaj. The art of carpet creation is ascended to a new high by offering not only custom made carpets but innovative designs in line with International Lifestyle experience which would turn carpets into pieces of art.

Rashi Bajaj is the principal designer and proprietor at Carpet Couture by Rashi. After completing her schooling from Welham, Dehradun, she went on to complete her Bcom (H) from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi post which she completed her post graduation in business management from SCMHRD, Pune. Though she had a promising corporate career ahead in Infosys, (where she worked for almost 1 year) she did not take long in deciding to follow the untraded path, her real calling – designing carpets, and joined family business in 2008. In 2009, she launched her own label, ‘Carpet Couture by Rashi’ probably being the first Carpet Designer in India.

‘Carpet Couture by Rashi’ is turning carpets into embellishments to compliment décor without which no house/office will be complete. The USP lies in the designs which are extremely contemporary and chic. Though made in rural India by skilled craftsmen, each Carpet is designed keeping in mind the modern set up and is meant to harmonize the current trend of ‘straight line furniture’.

Rashi never encourages any one to buy the premade pieces from her store and instead asks them to choose a set of few carpets and then takes them to their house and then customizes and designs the carpet according to interiors and décor of the room where the carpet is to set.

The ‘Carpet Couture by Rashi’ has travelled far and wide and has received immense appreciation from clients from countries like Greece, Poland, UK and Belgium. In India she retails from her store in Lado Sarai, New Delhi and the price range begins from Rs 200 per sq ft which goes upto Rs 1000 per sq ft.

Manish Arora has been a torch bearer from the Indian fashion industry in the international fashion circuit.  To give vision to his creative design brilliance for his collections, Manish’s creations sparkle distinctively, setting the bar high for Indian fashion abroad. And thus Manish Arora and Crystallized Swarovski elements put together an exhibition of seven years of glittering association.

The exposition showcases iconic haute couture pieces from the Manish Arora’s national and international runways since 2003 marking the tenth milestone of international showing from the designer this year. The retrospective installation is on display from February 25to March 04, 2010 at The Atrium, The DLF Emporio.

Known for his vivid use of colour in designs that combine contemporary silhouettes with traditional handcrafted techniques, Manish Arora has been supported by Swarovski since the launch of his international career.

The chronology of his love affair with crystallized Swarovski elements follows the milestone of design and creation.

In 2003-2005 Manish Arora and Crystallized Swarovski elements courtship begins with collaborations for his India Fashion Week collections.

In 2005 he makes his international debut at London Fashion Week and showcases his Fall/Winter 06 collection. He creates the iconic “London Transport’ dress.

 With 2006 Manish presented his Spring/Summer 07 ‘Life is Beautiful’ collection Manish showcases his Autumn/Winter 07 ‘Space’ collection at London Fashion Week to rave reviews and critical acclaim in his creation of futuristic pieces.

The year 2007 witnessed maverick designer’s debuts with his Spring/Summer – 2008 collection at the Paris Fashion Week to create three showstopper garments to be shown on the catwalk. The ‘Swarovski Jigsaw Ganesha’ dress, the ‘Comic Mesh’ jumpsuit and the ‘Bomb Blast’ dress.

In 2007Manish strengthened his international footprint with a successful debut with his Spring/Summer – 2008 collection at the Paris Fashion Week and collaborates with Crystallized Swarovski Elements to create three showstopper garments to be shown on the catwalk. The ‘Swarovski Jigsaw Ganesha’ dress, the ‘Comic Mesh’ jumpsuit and the ‘Bomb Blast’ dress. The same year he also tied up with The Swatch Group for designing swatch watches highlighted with crystallized Swarovski elements.

In 2008 he showcased his ‘Warrior’ themed Autumn/Winter 08 collection in Paris and created customized masks and accessories for the show and a special Swarovski mesh armor for the show that was sported by Supermodel Kate Moss.

2009 saw Manish showcasing his ‘Jungle’ themed Autumn/Winter 09 collection at Garage Turenne in Paris where he designed unique Swarovski collectibles from the animal kingdom like the jeweled Gorilla, Rhino, Lion, Orangutan and Parrot.  He also creates three special Swarovski looks – the ‘Lion Heads Bolero’, the ‘Jungle web’ dress and the ‘Tropical butterfly’.

And finally 2010 begins with Manish Arora and crystallized Swarovski elements celebrating their creative collaboration over the years and his forthcoming tenth international showing at Paris Fashion Week in March 2010.

Aza Men hosted an evening celebrating the Indian Groom. The evening showcased the latest wedding trends in menswear from the country’s leading designers all under one roof for the first time.

 The only menswear designer store in South Mumbai, Aza Men stocks some of the biggest designers in Indian men’s fashion.  The Designer caravan at the store includes names like Rohit Bal, J. J. Vallaya, Varun Bahl, Manish Malhotra, Ravi Bajaj, Cue, Manav Gangwani, Zubair Kirmani, Krishna Mehta, Sabyasachi, Narendra Kumar, Savio Jon, Arjun Khanna and many more.

Speaking on the occasion Alka Nishar, Aza Fashions, said, “All these years it has always been about the bride, but with the changing times and desires, for the first time the focus at Aza is on the groom. Now even our suave handsome groom can look fashionable and experiment with his wardrobe, make his monthly visit to the salon and celebrate his metro sexuality.”  She added on the special collection, “keeping this in mind Aza Men is focusing on the Indian Groom and his wardrobe. Come and get styled for each and every function from the cocktail to the mehendi to the reception, because at Aza Men we have something for every occasion.”

The creations on display are luxuriant, opulent, and fashionable and feature an array of silhouettes, intricate embroideries and blends of contemporary and traditional patterns in vibrant colors and stunning designs. . The event dedicated to the Indian Groom followed everything from the décor, music, food exuding class and had the air of celebration around it.  In attendance were India’s best known faces like Rahul Dev, Mark Robinson, Rohit Roy and Bikram Saluja dressed in the latest ethnic creations by the designers.

Taniya, a leading name in the British fashion scene announces her foray in India with the preview and is all geared up for the upcoming WIFW as she celebrates the formal launch of her store in Ambawata with an exclusive viewing of her couture line of chiffon gowns, Indian, fusion and occasion wear.

Her design sensibility is provoked and is reflective of her British and makes a new turn as she takes the Indian silhouettes to a sassy realm giving them a sense of International appeal. Her collection is draped in flowing silhouettes and fitted form creating the right mix of fluid feminity. The extra touch of bling and luxury is combined with heritage and traditional embroideries and texture treatments. Taniya’s Indian occasion wear line also designs a contemporary aura in structured saris, fishnet lehangas and tunic styled kurtis in jewel tones and pastel colours. Easy to blend in both with a stylish luncheon and formal occasion she gives her women a diva appeal.

Her Spring Summer 2010 collection speaks in volumes of stunning colours with statement embroideries and an exquisite embellishment of crystals, beads and embroidery in colous of coral, aurora yellow, amparo blue, white, lime green and aqua blue. The hemlines goes experimental and she plays with necklines creating the sensual appeal accented with plisse, pin-tuck and pleating in innovative shape dresses that weave her mystical fable.