Pallavi Mohan​ at Amazon India Fashion Week AW16
    March 17, 2016

    by Aanchal Pugalia

    “Synthesis” literally means combination, which is also the spirit of Pallavi Mohan’s fall collection this year. She wants to celebrate the diversity and be tolerant.

    A homogenous mixture of several elements, the driving force of this collection are hand crafted techniques.
    Technology has played a very important role here, the precised layering is done using a laser cut technique, organic and spectral effects are created by a kaleidoscope of organza elements and shingles panels. Interwoven strips in contrast create depth and visual complexity. Relaxed silhouettes and geometric patterns increase the appeal of the entire collection.As the basic essence of the collection is tolerance the fabrics user are in harmony with it, she has used steady fabrics like velvet,woolen tweeds and satin formed majority of it. They had tunics, and long dresses teamed with jackets of the fabrics mentioned above. An effort was made to make an voluminous ensemble with easy fit shapes. Winter wine, teal, amber and ivory were the main colors which made an entry into the collection.

    Pallavi Arora’s collection gives us a very powerful message about tolerance and acceptance. She believes that diversity should be treated in a very cohesive way and that’s why the name synthesis. The whole collection is wearable and makes it the perfect winter collection for the year.

    pics by Anwesha Paul

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