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  • A first of its kind on the Indian web world, Fashionfad.in expels fashion and oozes lifestyle. The core of the website supersedes garment malfunction, celebrity gossips and all that is a misnomer to fashion journalism. For us the designer and his creation sketch the larger than life image and Fashion in its true essence hold on to the reins of zeitgeist. Fashionfad appreciates, associates, discusses , raises, predicts and above all present to the fashion conscious consumer a planet of fashion designers, fashion shows, business of fashion, lifestyle of fashion, food for fashion and jots down the upwardly rising graph of the Indian Fashion Industry.
    We at Fashionfad boast of an era where every colour, picture, font style placement of stories on our website adds to the forecast of fashion. As all the rendezvous here take place only after a chain of discussion, analysis, consultation from the experts of the fashion Industry, we Carry the legacy forward and launched a new genre of fashion with vital influential fashion source, a new definition, FASHIONFAD.in.
    Keep writing to us at edit@fashionfad.co.in with the latest updates, and your feedback, which would help us in our endeavor to bring you the best.
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