Rohit Bal Show at India Couture Week 2016
    July 25, 2016


    Inspired by the grandeur of The Czarist Regime of Russia, Kehkashan by Rohit Bal is deeply entrenched in the unmitigated philosophy of extreme luxury. This opulence has been interpreted and translated by me with my innate sense of understated glamour and elegance. I was overwhelmed by the incredible treasures and the immeasurable excesses of what was once, perhaps, the richest and most glamorous Royal Regimes the world has ever seen, says the designer.

    Rohit reminisces the time spent at the incredible palaces and museums of St.Petersburg – The Hermitage, The Winter Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, The Church of the Spilled Blood.The collection travels through time into a labyrinth of a bizarre reality of excess wealth and absolute power and is a personal interpretation and understanding of opulence and beauty .

    This story sees an amalgamation of two distinct cultures and thought processes, that of Russian Grandeur and the almost austere craftsmanship of Rohits love for Kashmir, where rich golds meet fine silk threads. Zardozi meets fine Kashmiri Kaani , crewel work and petit point and chain stitch . Velvet meets hand woven silks. Rich jewels meet autumn leaves, poppies and irises in guilded frames of lustrous luxury to create one beautiful form.

    From crystal to Chrysanthemum the story unfolds as it weaves its way through a magical journey of extravagance only to be drenched in the quiet caresses of the tonal colours of a Kashmiri Autumn. The silhouettes are fluid, as is my inherent style. They are full volumed and styled to create a blend between the then and the now. Jackets, tunics, quilted skirts , all given an Indian soul .

    The crowns, the belts, the tiaras , the sashes , the capes , the bejewelled collars and cuffs , the glittering footwear ,lend this collection the distinctive individuality it needs to possess . The workmanship is impeccable with an unparalleled talent of our Indian kaarigars who have spent the last six months to create these pieces.

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