Rahul Mishra Show at India Couture Week 2016
    July 25, 2016


    Rahul Mishra’s latest couture collection, ‘Monsoon Diaries’ is an ode to nature. Mishra says, he was inspired by German biologist and artist Ernst Heckel’s work on the art forms of nature. His calm, soothing vision about nature was well-translated into his all the garments displayed. It created quite a stark contrast compared to the other couture collections the event saw.

    Mishra’s modern Indian bride is probably minimal and easy-going while being a lover of the art. This could be seen in his ethereal line of lehenga-cholis, anarkallis, sarees, kurtas, gowns and palazzos. This completely handmade collection saw abundant detailing which gave the collection its edge. Weaving techniques of French knots and wire work was used.

    The award-winning designer challenged the norms by using an atypical colour palette. Apart from his signature clothing in indigo, the collection saw a whole lot of calm hues of white, celadon green, brown and black. He stuck to light, wearable fabrics like khadi, organza, merino wool and georgette.

    Apart from the vivid detailing and muted colours, the unusual styling also caught a lot of attention. Interesting drapes of the dupattas, biker jackets over sarees and anarkallis were seen every now and then. Mishra truly redefined the Indian bride with his intricate, pleasing collection.

    by – Deesha Bondre

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