Rahul Mishra @ FDCI India Couture Week 2017
    July 28, 2017


    His show was a vision in pastels, white with some drama in black. The intricate thread-work imparted femininity to the collection. He took inspiration from a famous spice route “Parizaad”. The collection was like a fresh breath of air. It was unlike the traditional couture collection, but it would perfectly fit any modern bride.

    “Shades of Persian, Roman and Byzantine architecture from centuries ago made its inroads into my thought process when II thought of this line. Studying the highly intricate use of geometric patterns, girth, or haft range etc to create uninterrupted patterns of tiles of flowers, and a mosaic of nature emphasising great design aesthetic from a time when human skills were divine and to create a modern language with Indian textiles and embroidery with a zen like thinking and philosophy has led me to this new narrative” says the man himself- Rahul Mishra.

    Intricate vegetal motifs, patterns of mosaic, chevrons and spandrels come alive in his collection on sheer fabrics making the garments look surreal.

    There was a presence of a mix of beautifully hand craftedlehenga’s, Kalidar’s and silhouettes inspired from traditional indian ensembles. This show didn’t require any celebrity showstopper as the designer ended the show with his adorable family.

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