Manish Malhotra Show at India Couture Week 2016
    July 21, 2016


    There were high expectations when FDCI announced the opening night with Manish Malhotra. With Bollywood biggies Deepika Padukone and Fawad Khan as show stoppers and an opulent, glistening couture collection, the night was well worth the hype.

    Outside the venue, we saw layered gowns and dresses made out of muslin, giving away a certain theme. The veteran designer weaved ‘The Persian Story’ with aristocratic hues of red, gold, grey and black. His collection was inspired by the Persian architecture, rules and the flora and fauna.

    Deepika was wearing a red embroidered lehenga along with an off-shoulder choli. Fawad looked dapper in a stiff black coat. Elements of his inspiration were scene in all aspects of this line – starting from his free, breathable silhouettes, elaborate embroidery and royal colour scheme. Despite the anarchic elements, it was interesting to find that unconventional cuts and a modern-day trend like off-shoulders throughout his collection.

    The collection saw a lot embroidered gowns in velvet, mesh and silk. Floor length high-low anarkallis with cigarette pants, lehengas and cholis were also seen. All of them were heavily embroidered. Persian floral patterns, architectural patterns were weaved into the garments. Apart from that sarees, saree gowns also made the list. The sarees were paired with bell-sleeved, ruffled sleeved blouses.

    The men’s collection saw a lot of blacks and greys. With stiff Persian collars and flattering silhouettes, the collection looked effortlessly dapper. In addition to the breathable kurtas, we also saw knee-length coats, skirts as bottoms.

    The outfits were styled with excessive jewelry, traditional Persian hats and bejeweled clutches.

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