Lounge around in the cheery and sunlit surroundings and take a sweet sojourn at the all-day diner, Pick Wicks, as it charms you with its succulent dishes combining with an old-world charm through the ethos of modern luxury and Indian hospitality.

With its all new menu to satiate your palate, Pick Wicks is an ideal destination for an epicurean adventure with an array of global and traditional Indian flavors. As Corporate Chef Dacha, took us through his culinary journey to satisfy Indian taste buds, we were served with Old Delhi Cuisine, there newly incorporated section.

Labyrinthine the charm of Old Delhi lanes, Chef Dacha’s recommendations include spicy and smooth Marvari Kadhi, Gosht Nihari, Murg Salanand Aloo Sambhariya. Although the iconic restaurant menu boasts a large selection of salads, starters, mains and accompaniments, our lunch was a flavorful yet nutritious experience.

But of course, any well thought out menu would be incomplete without Tomato DhaniyaShorba to start your course and end with trio of chocolate mousse, banofi Pie, Caramel Custard and rabrifalooda to put a cheerful smile on your face.

Bon Appetite!