Nicole Amy Madell prevalently known as Nicci in the fashion abode was born and reared in the continent of Africa. This tall brown eyed splendid beauty was raised with too many aspirations starting from a layer to an actor. She has trekked a long route from Africa to Asia, to make her mark in this industry of glamour. So let’s have a small amble with Nicci to know more about her enthralling voyage ……..

Tell us something about your formative life and academics?
I’m currently in my 3rd year of event management course and pursuing my tertiary education from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology located in Cape Town, South Africa. Academically, I think I’m doing relatively well. I was a good scholar and continue to maintain my scores.

How did you walloped into modeling?
It actually just fell onto my lap to be honest. I was with an agency before but it wasn’t anything serious… I just did a few extra works which earned me enough money as I was just in school at that point of time! It was last year during the month of May I received a phone call from the director of my current modeling agency; I was very excited and went in to meet him. After spending a few days with my agency I learned that this was definitely something which I always wanted to pursue. Also, this has provided me a great opportunity to make good contact within the industry which would later provide me assistance.

What did you aspire to become as a kid?
Ha-ha! I think my aspirations changed with every birthday! I remember wanting to be a lawyer but I think that was only because my cousin wanted to be one, then when someone would fall ill I would switch it to ….’I wanna be a doctor’. But as I grew up I really enjoyed entertaining others with my acts, I always tried putting on an act of some sort… I remember my mom calling me drama queen and she even used to term me as Meryl Streep. Speaking about Fashion, it always played a big part in my life as well, without even knowing it back then. I really have a true passion for fashion!

What do you like to do when not modeling?
I enjoy spending as much time with my friends and family, really I do. Since the time I started traveling and with the growing age I can realize more and more how important they are to me and how difficult life can get when they aren’t around. I also think that a healthy dose of spending time with oneself is essential. I like to think, some of my friends here say I think too. much…hahaha, its true but that’s me and my possession. 

Which designers have you walked nationally and internationally?
I haven’t done many fashion shows but back home I have worked for an amazing designer called Milijo and Provogue Spring collection 2011 and recently it was for Abu Sandeep (that was so much fun!).

What’s your take on Indian modeling industry? How has been your experience in this industry?
Well this is my second visit so that speaks for itself, what can I say? I love it here! I love that as a model you don’t need to fit the stereotypical skinny mold, I always get on so well with people I work with. People here are so lovely, always friendly, always willing and eager to help. With dedication, hard work and the right attitude…India can open so many doors! From the bottom of my heart I Love love love living and working here.

What is your style statement?
I adore my prints! Especially leopard prints and high waisted anything…skirts, sorts, pants ohh…. and I’m obsessed with shoes! ……I have so many…lol! It’s a joke.

When and what was your first modeling assignment?
Clean and Clear for 17 Magazine, South Africa.

Your fashion icon?
Oh I can’t choose one I like so many different styles though if I think of haute couture then Victoria Beckham and Rihanna is my favorite ‘celeb’ so whatever she puts on is beyond amazing for me! She also has the whole high-waisted thing going on and that’s totally tres chic in my books. I’m really fond of local labels like Milijo, Black Orchard and MilQ & Honey, so basically I see the creators of these brands as my favorite fashion icons.

Modeling comes with such a short shelf life. So what plans have you held for future?
As previously mentioned, I would really like to steer into the event/fashion industry.

Quick Snippet

The most happening night club- Most happening night club: In India? Well the girls and I only go to Trilogy to dance, so Trilogy I guess.

Favorite hangout– To chill by the pool side! I loveeeee swimming. The new restaurant La monde is a really great place to unwind and have a delicious meal, there’s just so many hidden treasures here!

Which sort of music do you enjoy-? Favorite music: Hip-Hop R&B, House, Drum Bass, I even like listening to gospel, have a few fav Hindi songs in my list that I enjoy as well.

Favorite fragrance– Hunhh Fragrance: I have so many; it all depends on the mood, day of the week, time of the day, and season etc…. but as a natural smell? Vanilla… mmmm!!!!!!!!!