The elephant has always fascinated and inspired NIRAV MODI: evidenced by the Nirav Modi monogram, which depicts the values of majesty, strength and grandeur. As a part of the 101 elephant sculptures being painted into unique masterpieces, Nirav Modi transforms the auspicious elephant with the artistic visualization of his finest jeweled creations, named as ‘Ratnaraj’. The name ‘Ratnaraj’ is drawn from Sanskrit roots, suggesting a treasured jewel that is the best of its kind.


Delicate diamond jasmine flowers in the signature Jasmine cut® diamonds decorate the legs and feet of the elephant; while fiery rubies and Mughal® cut diamonds from the Majestic Mogok Ruby Suite adorn the elephant’s head and trunk. The howdah on its back is a visual recreation of the Magic Carpet Bracelet. These impossible-to-replicate, one-of-a-kind works of artistic genius and remarkable craftsmanship, now become a part of the rich symbolism of the elephant.

Over the course of 2017 and 2018, Elephant Family and NIRAV MODI are uniting to work on a series of high profile public events in India and the UK that will generate awareness on the Asian elephant situation and also raise funds to power the projects on ground.