The leading commercial fashion trade show Momad Metropolis, on the Iberian Peninsula which brought together the latest designs from over 700 well-known fashion and accessories brands ended its September 17 edition with more than 13,000 visitors, attracted a higher quality of professional showing a greater intention to purchase.


In its fourth edition, Dynamic workshops on sustainable fashion, Digital Merchandising, Inbound Marketing, Instagram and Branding were held offering in-depth information on processes, products and brands accompanying meetings with influencers and bloggers in the fashion industry.


“Although the dates, were very early, we are satisfied, since this edition of the show enjoyed an excellent reception by professionals, among whom we have perceived a greater intention to purchase than in previous editions,” said Jaime de la Figuera, director of MOMAD.

In addition, he also pointed out that MOMAD Metrópolis will maintain its commitment to Sustainable Fashion and the creation of a differentiated space for Men’s Fashion as a lifestyle, and points out that the Fair is working on a digitalisation project to help stores with this process”.

The domestic and international brands present at this edition of MOMAD Metropolis included Laurel, Escada Sport, E. Ferri, El Caballo, Oky, The Code, By Morgana Italy, Riverside, The Extreme Collection, M. de Miguel, Escorpión, Javier Simorra, Vilagallo, Alchera, Lola Lunares, Grand Soir, Sonia Peña, Carla Ruiz, Ada Gatti, Almatrichi, Molly Bracken, Orfeo, Best Mountain, Arena Negra, Lois Jeans, Maracuja, Bahiana, Alba Conde, By Handel, Fashion New York, NKN Nekane, Matilde Cano, María Coca, Tiffosi, Dinamic Moda, Albert S. Lasry, Lola Casademunt, Canadian Peak, Riverside and Vittorio & Lucchino Denim.

The show’s next edition will be held from 2-4 February and from 7-9 September 2018 respectively.