1Mod’art International, VIDM Institute of Design & Management and Mr. Udit Agarwal Director VIDM & Mod’ Art International (Delhi) hosted a evening to celebrate, ‘A LA MODE,’ The Graduation Design Collection. On the occasion VIDM, has joined hands with Hon’ble Mr. Satish Gujral, a world famous painter, sculptor, muralist, graphic designer, writer and architect in awarding ‘The Satish Gujral Award in Art & Architecture’.

The show exhibited collections of the First, Second and Final Year students in the presence of Chief Guest Hon’ble Mr. Santosh Gangwar, Textile Minster of India. Other dignitaries included, Mr. Udit Agarwal Director of Modart New Delhi, the President of FDCI-Mr. Sunil Sethi, President of the Artistic and Educational Committee of Mod’Art Paris –Mr. Patrice de Place.


The opening collection kicked off with the ‘Make in India’ theme, a national program designed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. Further, audience were enthralled with collection of divergent inspirations ranged from the Baroque Period to Out of Space ‘Humaliens’, from the Epic ‘Mahabharata’ to Architectural Wonders of the human mind.