“I was a non-binary Child and realised it as a non-binary Adult”

In middle school during a fancy-dress competition under the asbestos sheet i waited for my turn behind the stage sitting in a fairy silk gown so I can finish my dialogue and get out of the heat.

During my long wait, the teacher asked me to shut my legs and sit lady like. I remember taking a dump the next morning and having a thought if my teacher had western toilet and no idea of this position.

I waited to finish school so I could avoid the binary uniform, After the miserable failure in school I pursued art,Fashion was never my thing I wanted to be a film maker and that’s all. I needed something to cover my body alongside, that was that but when I learnt Frida in art school I fell in love with her mush.

Yes! fashion wasrather an expression than an act of hiding. I never felt more beautifully handsome to cover my body in a certain FASHION after Frida’s mush tattooed in my head.
There are interesting events that lead to love for fashion apart from being a film maker and an artist. All the events are “middle class” tinted.

-The lady bird cycle I had in high school, I welded my dad’s old royal Enfield mirrors on both sides of the handle but I never wanted a bullet or anything that I couldn’t handle.
-I painted the “lady” shoes with art history text of various colours on it but never could want to wear “men” shoes really.

During a research, I had to wear the dupatta to enter a temple and stand in the uniformed queue of deities each one with their own research. So, uniform was a human measurement with various intentions in a god-fearing world, but it wasn’t possibly an expression. It was an act to hide your body, with 2 rigid gender classifications.

Unlike the non-binary struggles of being non-binary kid and teenager, finally at 31 being a non-binary adult today is becoming a reachable idea, with social media connecting to people like Arie, there is more hope for fashion, beauty and beholder’s perception to evolve…

Hence Mustache under my nose ring- to expanding boundaries of beauty!! A gender-neutral fashion, design and beauty initiative by Bengaluru based non-binary filmmaker Shailaja Padindala & Chennai fashion designer Purushu Arie, one of India’s known men’s fashion blogger.

The crux of this initiative is to break stereotypes about how beauty is defined and expectations are set for women and men. The absence of body hair for women (especially facial and armpit hair) and the presence of the very same to be a man (moustache as a sign of manliness) are cultural boundaries that aim to constrict the idea of gender and beauty.

Clothes and even skin tone and mannerisms are other artificial boundaries culturally and socially perpetrated and habituated as the norm. It is a movement to address the evolving form of feminine and masculine beauty and how it meets the eye of the beholder.

Pamela Easton is the founding partner and designer of one of Australia’s most established and successful labels – Easton Pearson.


Drawing on acclaimed design and success and inspired by her collaborations with many artisans in different parts of the country for the last twenty-seven years, has created Easton Anaphora, an exciting new label especially for India.

Made in India for India infused with the history of past practice and design. We believe in slow fashion not fast fashion, says the designer. We create special pieces you will keep and treasure and want to wear years later. Our aim is to show the very best of the many craft and artisanal skills practiced throughout India today in a way that makes it modern luxury. It’s in our DNA to laugh, to share, to make new friends, so always we will make clothes to make you feel happy.

Pamela Easton vividly remembers the time she first visited India 25 years ago. She not only took back memories that have stayed with her forever but also her love for Indian craft. “I stayed in Mumbai with my friend Sudha Patel and later spent time at the Shrujan complex outside Bhuj in Gujarat. It was a life-changing experience,” Australia-based Easton recalls.

While Easton Anaphora will carry forward some of the aesthetic and ethos that has made Easton Pearson so loved and internationally applauded. The Easton Anaphora brand will focus on artisanal embellishment, experimental construction techniques, bold use of pattern and colour, and a strong preference for pure natural fabrics.

Going back to times, Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson started their label to showcase a love of craft and design in the year 1988. Ironically, after initial impetus they closed Easton Pearson after 27 years.In an increasingly fast-paced fashion industry, which has seen the label increase its yearly ¬collections from two to six a year in keeping with the global standard, the pair decided to step back and return to their ¬design roots in the year 2016.

However, having won recognition across the world, the label was earlier being sold through influential stores, whereas it’s available at Melange in India.

Italian designer Marta Santambrogio, the creative director of Shingora’s luxury division, says that there was whole lot of research involving India goes behind making the brand’s latest line of shawls, scarves and stoles.


Recently the designer has launched a series of India inspired exclusive luxury scarves- Shingora Loves India. First in the series is The Jantar Mantar & Elephant print that has been painstakingly put together to pay designers tribute to India and its culture.

Marta has a strong background in Italian luxury industry and is an expert in textile design. Her works range from creative direction to artwork, research to technical and industrial support. Marta has previously worked at Etro, with that legacy behind, she is here to enhance and complement her design aesthetics to the emerging design house of Shingora.


Founder of Issimum Design Studio London, which provides a range of services, spanning from Branding to Colour, from Design Strategy to Future Trends Research. With a strong background in Italian luxury industry, the studio’s main strength is textile design consultancy: form creative direction to artwork, research to technical and industrial support, for clients worldwide.


In 2015 Marta presented FUZZY LOGIC, her final graduation project at Central Saint Martins MA Material Futures. Fuzzy Logic explores how Indian traffic could become a musical experience. The project was featured on international press and showcased at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and Milan Design Week.

Marta Santambrogio is also Lecturer at Design University Politecnico di Milano.


Educated at the Kazuko Araki School of Design, Japan and a gemologist from IGI, New Delhi, Pooja’s designs are elegant and classy, where each piece tells a story and has an inspiration of its own.  Pooja is the first generation Entrepreneur and Jewelry Designer who realized her interest after completing her masters in marketing.


Pooja’s designs are based on bio mimicry, taking inspiration from Gods immaculate genesis to produce adornments of the very Special kind for her discerning patrons. Her Jewelry fills the charm between traditional Indian & modern stylish jewelry. The collection is an eclectic mix of traditional Indian motifs and western design sensibility.

After completing her formal education from Japan, Pooja credits her soaring success to her passion for perfection, she is one of the four members of the Prestigious all India panel of designers for MMTC and is also a visiting faculty and jury at NIFT.


In 2012 she was honored with the “Entrepreneurship Award” by Sh Jyotiraditya Scindia, then state Minister of Commerce for her work and contribution to the field of jewelry. In 2013 she participated in IIJW which was a great show.

Pooja holds private solo collection launch exhibitions twice a year to display her flamboyant and undying effervescent style and bling which can be passed down generations and along with it some heart touching memories.

Indrani Royan , young and aspiring ‘Gen-Next’ designer, is a Graduate from Pearl Academy, New Delhi, Indrani started her career assisting some of the leading designers in the industry and went on to work with renowned export houses.

indrani royan

Her brand RANIPINK STUDIO is the focus of her inspirations which stems from her roots in North-East India. Indrani’s expertise lies in exhibiting contemporary and traditional designs with her unique touch.

Started in the year 2013, the name ‘RANIPINK STUDIO’ aka ‘Rani Pink’ was coined, keeping in mind, the designers affinity for various shades of the color PINK. Her Designs are unique in the way she combines the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary way.


Indrani’s penchants for extraordinary and vivid colors, intricate embroideries and fabrics keep her motivated to constantly innovate. While she uses various textures of fabrics and mostly prefers silks. Experimentation with traditional designs and Styles using modern techniques is Indrani’s Mantra.

1He believes in creating a timeless style that derives from the essence of people. Shreejith Jeevan is a textile graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and the Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris. His sole aim is to make this a memorable voyage- working with craftsmen to co-create unique products that he claims is functional fashion. He has worked with renowned designer Rajesh Pratap Singh.

He launched his label “Rouka”.  Meaning ‘bodice’ in Malayalam and ‘corridor’ in Japanese, the brand stands for the modern eclectic woman. In the mind of ROUKA’s women, tradition does not just reside in old trunks, she lives it up to the times. Being well dressed, defines her. Rouka believes that dressing up has to be as much fun as wearing it.

Shreejith has been showcasing his collection at Lakme Fashion Week and at many other exhibitions. He has also won Best Fashion Film at Lakme Fashion Week 2014. His designs have been graced by actress like Athiya Shetty and celebrities like Tillotama Shome.

His designs are currently retailing from his design studio at Ravipuram Road, Valanjambalam in Kochi.

You can get ‘Shreejith Jeevan’ at:-


1Sister duo Tina and Nikita Sutradhar were born and brought up in Mumbai. After completing her graduation in Mumbai, Tina went on to do a short course in Fashion marketing at London College of Fashion in 2009. Nikita did a diploma in Fashion design in Mumbai and later in 2010, joined her sister Tina to study a Degree in Pattern Cutting, progressing onto a BA (Hons) Womenswear, at London College of Fashion.

Tina and Nikita have won many accolades Fashion Innovation Award at London College of fashion in 2013 and the ISKOTM Denim Diffusion Award in 2013. They were Semi- Finalists of the H&M Design Awards 2014 and were awarded with the Special Jury Prize at the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers 2014.

In 2012, the designers launched their label ‘Miuniku’. The brand name comes from the nick names given to the designers by their parents Tina – Miu and Nikita – Niku. The overall brand aesthetic is a balance between clean lines and graphic details, mixing minimal and maximal elements.

The designers showcased their collection at Paris Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week winter festive 2015 and many other big platforms of fashion. Their designs have been adorned by celebrities like Poorna Jagannathan and Zendaya coleman to name a few.

Tina and Nikita’s designs are currently retailing from Opening Ceremony in New York and Los Angeles, 10 Corso Como and Excelsior in Milan, Monopolist, Liger and Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, My Boon In Seoul Korea, 10 Corso Como in Beijing and Grapevine by K3 in Japan.

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1Simrat D’Mello is a forager of dreams. She picks up the bits and pieces the world leaves behind in its haste, and weaves them together to reveal images we have all conjured in our sleep. She has done her graduation in fashion designing from NIFT, Delhi and has also persuaded Jewellery Manufacturing Course from IIGJ, Mumbai.

She started her own label ‘Chiria’ in 2012. Using animal bones, brass pipes, fabric, glass, spikes, jute, copper and a million other things, the brand creates dreamscapes that take you on journeys across lost kingdoms, forbidden valleys and virgin lagoons. Each single-edition neckpiece has a Bohemian spirit that is inimitable and priceless. Each piece is soft, sensual yet bold glittering in its very own uniqueness.

She has showcased her collection at prestigious platforms like Lakme Fashion Week and many other exhibitions in India.  Her designs have been graced by many celebrities including Tisca Chopra, Priyanka Bose and Mahnaz Damania to name a few.

Simrat’s designs are currently available at The YOGA House, Loose Ends Store, Creo, OMO and Parvati Villa in Mumbai, Paper Boat Collective, Flame at Thalasaa, OMO and Syne in Goa, The Chalk Boutique in Bengaluru and Dhora in Jaipur.

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1Pallavi Dhyani is a fashion graduate from Pearl Academy of Fashion, Jaipur. She grew up essentially as an introvert kid who found solace in the realm of design; crafting together clothes that helped express her inner state of mind. At college, she received the award for Best Practical Collection. She has also worked with Aneeth Arora for her label, Pero as an assistant for two years. She also won Grazia Young Fashion Award 2015.

In 2014, Pallavi went on to launch her own label ‘Three’. The label is a modern mix of conceptual and wearable clothing which defies age bar as the collection features comfortable and anti-fit silhouettes. Clever cuts, interesting silhouettes, asymmetric patterns and simplicity of geometric details defines the basis of the brand.

She has showcased her first collection at Lakme fashion Week 2015 winter festive. Her designs have been adorned by celebrities like Anushka Manchanda and former Miss India Hasleen kaur to name a few.

Currently her collections are retailing from Second Floor Studio in Khan Market, New Delhi.

1Goa based designer Stephany Dsousa is known for easy and quirky designs. She has a diploma in fashion designing. She has also worked with renowned designer Saviojon and has also assisted many designers at India Fashion Week.

She started her label Stephany in 2011. The label is for the people who are not afraid to try a little creativity in their wardrobe. The designs from the label are a melange of vibrant summer shades, flowy deconstructed garments.

Stephany has been showcasing her collection at Lakme Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Asia Fashion week and many other platforms. Her designs had been adorned by celebrities like Shradha Das, Shweta Salve and Kagna Ranaut to name a few.

Her designs are currently available Babel in Goa, Ogaan, Ensemble and Santushti in New Delhi, Melange, Creo, Ensemble, Fuel, Colaba in Mumba, Anonym in Hyderabad, The Verandah in Bangalore and Collage in Cochin. Internationally her collections are retailing from Melag in Qatar, Roxx in Dubai and My Dezigner label in Malaysia.

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