Ten Reasons Why This Fashion Week Came Tops 

As a nation we have lost the art of appreciating an effort which is good. As people we allow our own notions to get colored whilst appreciating any event in the public / B2B domain. For once I let all personal beliefs aside and decided to find ten good reasons to applaud WIFW 2010.

Reason one: Large, amazingly large space that gladdened the heart. Add to that well planned installation and you have a beautiful venue

Reason two: So many new talents that allow the wheels of fashion to churn afresh. So many new design imprints to see and in turn so many new innovations emerged out of the fashion week

Reason three: No or few show stoppers that allowed the clothes to be the real stars. Salute the spirit of the youth who believe in undiluted fashion without looking for the emotional crutch of a sassy show stopper.

Reason four: New themes that had such a strong connect to India. Infact the central motif integral to fashion week of the hibiscus flower, used as temple offerings set the tone to a ‘Proud to be Indian ‘Fashion Week.

Reason five: Some good buyers like Beams, Harvey Nichols, Anthropology joined the ranks of the rich MiddleEastern

Reason six: The ultimate connect established between digital art and fashion by digitally driven designer. On the top of this list being Nida with her Maachis motif and following her closely the Walnut girls with their modern take on pop art.

Reason seven : Great stalls…. My personal favorite being Charu Parasher’s Afro inspired space…I think she did superb justice to her theme. Pero with their monochromatic look was another soother.And off course the space designed by Varya to showcase Samir Singh’s shoes.

Reason eight: The calm. Oof!!! it was so unnerving to see a fashion week pass by with no flames, no fuses and no fights.

Reason nine:  A wiser media with stupendous bloggers who for once looked at the clothes and had a trend or two to catch and chronicle correctly.

Reason ten:  Good adherence to the theme of Spring-Summer….very few strayed into colors, textures and textiles that would make you feel that they were trying to bunge in some winter looks to please the domestic buyer

In all a pleasurable week, except so much space and quiet lead to an uncanny thought….Is this the veritable calm before a storm?
Posted by : Anshu Khanna  at 06:32 PM