Fashion and trend are synonyms, but lately, this trend of destination wedding in the world of weddings is catching up fast. And Europe has many treasures, a continent full of history has some of the greatest love stories alongside the most romantic wedding destinations, being Ireland, Scotland and of course Italy.

Fashionising this trend is the hit celebrity couple, Virushka’s (Virat & Anushka) Tuscany wedding, Italy has become cynosure of all eyes delivering unique experiences of fusion of the two traditions, from color schemes to attire, to the type of cuisine, to entertainment, there are certain elements that pop up and take off like a wild craze, many thanks to the internet.

Although, I am sure, not everyone is familiar with all the treasures that Italy preserve, I decided to explore, Italy as destination from the picturesque settings to the hustle bustle of the city.

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Blogged by Deepa Srivastava Kumar