India’s first International Jewelry Week ended yesterday in what can only be deemed as the longest finale show ever. Upon first hearing of a Jewelry Week, I was rather amused by the idea and thought that such a show would create as much of an impact, as ‘A wet clap on a thunderous rainy day’.

My assumption was that the clothes would undoubtedly get more attention than the Jewelry due to the sheer size ratio of the two. I may have been right in some cases but after mentally recalling the mad mob I was forced to navigate while trying to get into Bena Goinka’s show on the 18th and Farah Khan’s show on the 15th, I realized what a success this event has been.

Yes! In some cases the harsh lighting, while perfect for a fashion show, may have been the kiss of death to rose cut diamonds but that’s something show producers can fix next time around.  Nothing takes away from the fact that the Jewelry industry in India, is still a force to be reckoned with and one that deserves it’s own week, hopefully with less emphasis on the clothing and an ongoing exhibition section like the one at Lakme Fashion Week.

My initial perception skewed to futility of this event, I have to admit that the IIJW was bona fide business endeavor and one that was taken rather seriously by foreign press from some of the world’s most prominent economies like Russia, Japan, China, France and Italy. Just walking through the waiting area was enough to tell that this was a truly international event and one that the Jewelry brands will benefit from.

Unfortunately, While India’s dailies covered the India International Jewelry Week quite thoroughly, I was hard pressed to find representatives from India’s various magazines at shows other than that of Farah Khan, Amrapali and Bena Goenka. A rather sad and short sighted move, as some of the works by the National Institute of Design Students were quite fashion forward as were the more luxurious concepts of Laksh Pahuja.

if it weren’t for IIJW I would never have had the chance or inclination to review innovative efforts of the Kundan Meena group from Jaipur, or the machine made gold fabrics by the Sangam Group,or Varuna D Jani’s god sent ‘WOW TECHNOLOGY’ and I certainly would have had to schlep all the way to the Trident Hotel (Nariman Point) to have a look at Amrapali’s exquisite new collection.

The event also brought to my attention the interesting creations of Rosily Paul and the masterful craftsmanship of Kashi Jewelers from Kanpur and Jaipurs Bridhichand Ghanshayamdas Jewelers. I was also especially impressed with the cut and quality of diamonds used by the Tanishq group for their ‘Zoya’ line which survived the harsh spot lighting, and Shone and glimmered to all their little carbon hearts content.

I only wish I had the chance to touch and see the jewelry in a regular setting with all the prices.

Posted by : Nayomie Prasad at 10:42 PM