The World of Artisanal Luxury Fragrances, Maison des Parfums, which aims to provide a new & unique bespoke luxury fragrance experience, announced its flagship presence in Delhi.

The concept stores will bring together a collection of fine fragrance creations that is strict in using top quality ingredients & higher concentrations to ensure that each time you open a bottle of artisanal fragrances, you will have an awesome sensation & a one of a kind experience.

Bringing together exceptional top quality luxury brands comprising of some of the most exciting names in the world of artisanal perfumery including: Memo, Amouage, Nassomato, Juilette has a Gun, Jean Patou, Bulgari Le Gemme, The Different Company, Amouroud, Houbigant, EtatLibre D’Orange, Rance, Lalique Premier Noir, Olfactive Studio, Franck Boclet, One of Those as well as many other well-known & coveted brands.