FLORENCE – “Eight”, the new STEFANO RICCI fragrance. Eight for the eighth fragrance.
It is a number rich in symbolism, recalling the octagon, which has always been evoked at the Florentine men’s maison. It has a stylistic purity that is renewed in the crystal bottle, protected in a tailored plexiglass casing, enhanced by the fragrance’s emerald green colour.

”8” is an opus, a venture into a desired narrative between man and his surroundings, a symbol of the infinite that represents the unbound limits of the STEFANO RICCI universe. The main accord takes inspiration from the bergamot, the famed Italian citrus, with a balanced blend of cardamom, mandarin and blackcurrant top notes, whilst the heart notes of lavender, cedar, and jasmine incorporate a definitive charisma to any environment. The lingering base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, white musk and vanilla satisfyingly complete the narration.

Availability: Stefano Ricci boutique, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai.