430Longchamp, celebrated the launch, with its global CEO, Mr. Jean Cassegrain’s maiden visit to India, of its first flagship store in India at DLF Emporio, New Delhi.

Hosted by Ms. Radha Kapoor, the evening was an avant-garde translation of French savior faire where music, fashion and art converged.
City’s well-heeled Suneet Verma,, Shivan and Narresh, AD Singh, Sonalika Sahay amongst others come together for an evening of celebration.

British Classic Week 2016 Ph: Guido Cantini  /  Panerai / SeaSee.comOnce again this year, the Panerai British Classic Week 2016 engaged a slew of top competitive sailors and around 60 stunning classic yachts from across the UK, Europe and as far afield as New Zealand and Australia to Cowes (Isle of Wight).

After a spectacular week of passionate racing, Giovanni Belgrano of the 1939 Laurent Giles 39’ one-off Whooper, was declared winner and presented the British Classic Yacht Club Racing Trophy as well as a Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio. Whooper had a clean sweep in Class 2 and was the top scoring yacht in the combined fleet races. This is the second time that Giovanni and his team have won the week overall.

The Z ZEGNA FW 2016/17 collection celebrates high altitude trekking allure re-contextualized within an urban high-rise attitude, where technological tailoring and sportswear converge.


Reminiscent of the mountaineering world, patterns and colors pay homage to the great outdoors: bold graphics in camel, blended with natural woolen whites and greys, are accented with burnt orange, bronze and acidic green.


Tweeded, soft fabrics generously pervade the collection in elongated overcoat silhouettes, knitwear and tailoring. Technological outerwear, featuring rubberized thermo welded rain macs and laser cut metallic kagools, plays a signature role while harmoniously colliding with chunky sweaters and cozy knitwear. Graphic, soft tweeded trousers are paired with knitted ankle warmers, merino wool sheepskin trekking boots and backpacks, paving the way for a new era in urban dressing.

03Z ZEGNA advances its research into wearable technology with this season’s exclusive “Icon Warmer”, presented for the first time in a tailored interpretation, always using transformational technology in a unique integrated wireless heating support system.

04Overall the Z ZEGNA pentagon graphically interfuses within the collection, which also features the iconic “Techmerino”.

Characterized by easy styling and a sophisticated yet mountainous mood, the Fall/Winter collection represents the ultimate display of Z ZEGNA’s unique approach to metropolitan fashion; reconfirming the brand’s mastery in merging technological tailoring with authentic outdoor sportswear.

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Want gorgeous skin from the inside out. Food affects our skin in a lot of ways.  In fact, more and more data is showing us that specific food groups can cause skin aging, pigmentation, sensitive skin, rashes and even acne! Every person goes through their skin imperfections and skin problems as we need to stay away from certain food products.


Stay away from Sugar

Just a spoonful of sugar may make the medicine go down, but it sure doesn’t help your skin. Those innocent looking crystals can make the difference between a youthful glow and dull and aged skin. Sugar is known to cause something known as glycation of important proteins in the skin. Doctors and famous Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities will tell you that cutting out sugar can truly revolutionize your appearance in a short period of time. Caution, for those of you with a sweet tooth, substituting for sugar free is not the answer. Sugar-free options have a host of issues themselves, and cause just as much as an insulin reaction as sugar does. For truly gorgeous youthful skin, keeping it clean and natural and without sugar is the way to go.

Avoid Artificial Ingredients

The fact is that there is not enough data to truly prove that artificial ingredients like artificial colors; sweeteners, artificial flavors, nitrates and et cetera unequivocally cause harm. But, we do know that they can cause oxidative damage to your cells, have been shown to be implicated in a host of internal diseases and that they can aggravate many skin conditions. After seeing thousands of patients, I can honestly say that “cutting out the crap” and keeping it as natural as possible can only be good for you. Eating excessively processed foods with untested additives can only damage your system in ways that we are only just beginning to understand. So, while a burrito here and there won’t kill you, definitely try to keep your diet simple and true to nature at least 80% of the time will make a big difference in your body and your skin. After all you are what you eat! And you don’t want to be ketchup!

Say No to White Foods

So while a white dress code only party might be de rigeur, maida, corn flour, cornstarch and white rice are not happening for your skin. White flour and cornstarch, present in everything from pasta to namkeen, are a huge cause of insulin dysregulation. These foods have no nutritional value – they just taste good. And in the process, cause your insulin to spike, while causes your stress hormones to skyrocket. You all remember what your skin used to look like as a teenager before a test? Those pimples, that dullness and that skin sensitivity? Well that happens because your stress hormone, known as cortisol, has shot up through the roof. To stop your hormones from going crazy, avoid these white foods that have a high glycemic index, meaning that they cause sharp insulin spikes.

430On a splendid evening capitals Fashionistas experienced a walk through in Ensembles by DABIRI. Hosted by Mrs. Ambika Jain and Divya Kapur Bindra, DABIRI showcased its collection with an opening by Sonia Jehan followed by Vernaaz Mittal, Radhika Channa with her daughter Amira Channa, Soni Mahdi Aggarwal with her children Diya and Armaan, Karishma Vachani, Jayati Modi,Pallavi Rathore, Rhea Jain, Ishira Goel Niva Jain, Sanya Dinodiyaand closed by Sonalika Sahay.

The evening saw the likes of Pinky Reddy, Tanisha Mohan, Dilshad Khan, Harpereet and Rimple Narula, Vikram Baidyanath, Archana Singh, Krutika Singh to name a few, enjoying the glitz and glamour of the Soiree.

Dabiri creates traditional embroidery crafted on light fabrics that let your skin breathe out in splendor of beautifully curated needlework, into an exquisite multitude of thread-work that bring you to life with thought out patterns, color palettes and designs that are an expression of rarity and reminiscent back to the timeless era of the mughals.

FENDI launched its new rock and edgy Fashion Jewelry Collection, presented initially in the Prefall 2016 collection for the modern and daring FENDI woman. The new Collection is enriched with products that introduce an original way of wearing jewels, with a feminine attitude.

The mono earrings make their first appearance in the Collection, yet immediately becoming the main protagonists with their avant-garde shapes that play with eye-catching geometries. A trendy pull-through version is created in thin gold-metal, embellished with a black and gold FENDI stud – by now a distinctive signature of the Maison. On the other side, a gold elongated pyramid is decorated by a precious black Onyx stone on top, hung upside down on a circular earring that can be innovatively worn like an ear cuff.

The FENDI studs seen on bags, shoes and accessories adorn all-over the classic leather bracelet in a multicolor palette of pastel colors, from pink to teal, with metallic touches of gold and silver. Perfect to add a pop and urban touch to every style, this contemporary studded bracelet can be worn singularly or multi-layered for a real “arm party”!

Enhancing the experience for all art and culture enthusiasts, lately Google announced the launch of its new Google Cultural Institute App and website. The new tools will help art lovers in India and across the globe discover works and artifacts from thousands of museums present in more than 70 countries:

·         Search for anything, from the history of the Nalanda University, India’s newest World Heritage Site, to panoramic imagery of its excavation.
·         Scroll through art by time –  discover artworks by Abanindranath Tagore, one of the founders of modern Indian painting.
·         Browse by color and learn about how Amrita Sher-Gil’s palette changed through her journeys between India and Europe.
·         Find a new fascinating story to discover every day – today it’s 9 powerful men in heels


Duncan Osborn, Product Manager, Google Cultural Institute said, “We are sure people want to see some of the artworks in real life too—and the Google Arts & Culture app is here to help. The app helps art lovers take a walk through these famous museums and artifacts from world over offering them a rich immersive experience.”

Further, making India’s rich cultural heritage come live, Google Cardboard, gives users the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the Sanskriti Museum, established in 1978, a home to one of the largest collections of Indian art and craft. You can also subscribe to the new Google Arts & Culture YouTube channel, where you’ll find original content dedicated to culture, hosted by YouTubers.vid

Tommy Hilfiger, introduces its Fall/Winter 2016 Hilfiger Denim with 24/7 Hailey Baldwin & Lucky Blue Smith, which follows the two models and influencers on a 24-hour adventure through Los Angeles, California. From cruising down Sunset Boulevard to a pit-stop at the iconic Pink’s Hot Dogs, the campaign’s concept opens the door to a unique perspective on the brand, the influencers and the city of L.A..

Hailey and Lucky are continuing friends of the Hilfiger Denim brand, having appeared together in the Spring 2016 Tommy Jeans campaign, which celebrates the brand’s iconic logo heritage. Additionally, Hailey appeared in the Spring 2016 Hilfiger Denim campaign and walked in the Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 Hilfiger Collection runway shows at New York Fashion Week.

The Fall/Winter 2016 Hilfiger Denim collection sets sail on a transatlantic journey to New York City. Heritage favorites are reimagined through a fresh lens that is relaxed but sophisticated, with a signature rock-and-roll twist. From rugged workwear references to eclectic nautical and military influences to unexpected combinations in eclectic prints and fabrics, old world culture meets new world confidence; it’s not about an age, but all about an attitude.

Educated at the Kazuko Araki School of Design, Japan and a gemologist from IGI, New Delhi, Pooja’s designs are elegant and classy, where each piece tells a story and has an inspiration of its own.  Pooja is the first generation Entrepreneur and Jewelry Designer who realized her interest after completing her masters in marketing.


Pooja’s designs are based on bio mimicry, taking inspiration from Gods immaculate genesis to produce adornments of the very Special kind for her discerning patrons. Her Jewelry fills the charm between traditional Indian & modern stylish jewelry. The collection is an eclectic mix of traditional Indian motifs and western design sensibility.

After completing her formal education from Japan, Pooja credits her soaring success to her passion for perfection, she is one of the four members of the Prestigious all India panel of designers for MMTC and is also a visiting faculty and jury at NIFT.


In 2012 she was honored with the “Entrepreneurship Award” by Sh Jyotiraditya Scindia, then state Minister of Commerce for her work and contribution to the field of jewelry. In 2013 she participated in IIJW which was a great show.

Pooja holds private solo collection launch exhibitions twice a year to display her flamboyant and undying effervescent style and bling which can be passed down generations and along with it some heart touching memories.