Mac has launched a new collection called Surf, Baby! It has a wide range of cosmetic for lips, nail, face and brushes to accessories also. Bringing commotion to the ocean with bronzing powder and pressed powder. It adds contours and dimension with the latest Skin sheen Brozen Stick! Defy sun-and-sea blasted lips with sunscreen SPF 20 with liquid lip balm. The lure of the endless collection starts with My Paradise Cheek Powder, Pigments, Aqua Metallic Pigments, Hibiscus Lipstick and Splash proof Lash Mascara that just won’t smudge. The nail lacquer in Ocean dip is a medium bright blue aqua crème colour.

The new range’s packaging is completely perfect for its name – the cool Hawaiian-surfer-style yellow, pink and white stripes which are striking in their difference to MAC’s usual plain black packaging.

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August 30, 2011

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Art makes its way on its own and very talented designer…
Rohit & Abhishek for VHIMW

Regality has always been the leitmotif of the designers…
A jungle full of bling

We have all seen our grannys sporting those exquisite pieces…
Not So Seen Men

The latest collection features men predominantly in tunics…
Surf Baby

It adds contours and dimension with the latest Skin sheen…


Rembrandt I inni



That women love their jewellery is a universal fact. And for anyone with a passion for jewels and the animal kingdom, collecting art jewellery with animal motifs can be a fascinating journey of discovery. From the colourful peacocks to the slithering snakes; cutesy rabbits to mystifying owls, jewellery today is definitely witnessing a unique makeover… one that connects the wearer with ‘nature’ and at the same time making them look oh so glamourous. Say hello to a new kind of jungle – the jungle of bling, which is the hottest new trend revival in the world of jewellery.

Now India is definitely not new to this trend. We have all seen our grannys sporting those exquisite pieces be it necklaces, earrings, rings or bangles designed in the shape of a peacock, one bird that’s been awfully popular in India since centuries. And now Indian and international brands are exploiting this very trend and presenting jewels that are high on the glamour factor and quirky in style. Some of the “most wanted” animals to sport this season are owl, lions, tigers, dragonfly, zebra, panther, frogs, rabbits, snakes, et al.

And there is a plethora of options if you have decided to gauge this trend and make it your style statement this season. From luxe designer brands like Cartier, Chopard, Chanel, Bracialeto, et al for the ones who have no qualms spending big bucks to look stylish to high-street brands like Promod, Aldo, Forever 21, Miss Jo, Accessorize, etc, for the ones who are fond of affordable chic fashion, everywhere you go you will find these cutesy blingy creatures catching your eye.

But how did it all start? We know the ‘India’ part of it, let’s now analyze how did this bling revolution began in other parts of the world.

Both symbolism and sentimentality were major elements in Victorian jewellery. In the late 1800’s, Darwin’s controversial theories on evolution, as well as new exciting botanical discoveries of the day piqued interest in the natural world. Personal adornment reflected these new interests with jewellery created in forms of insects and animals. Nd wallah, animal jewellery arrived!

From an early Cartier diamond-studded gold panther reflecting this famous jeweller’s passion for form, abstraction, geometry, and the animal kingdom (the first Cartier panther ‘arrived’ in 1914 and a vibrant and exquisite parade of owls, eagles, pigs, giraffes, herons, and snakes followed) to Celtic jewellery heaped in symbolism rife with boars (masculine power), bulls (virility, sovereignty, and wealth), and dogs (archetypal symbols of shape-shifters) to an Edwardian Deco era turkey fairly coming alive with delicious purple and lavender color and pizzazz to the contemporary animal inspired wearable art by Laurie Stetzler — every mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, marine animal, insect and arachnid one can possibly imagine has been represented in artfully crafted jewellery in every culture and society.

The late 1800s and early 1900s was also a time when jewellery helped in reading the wearer like books — the design expressing the wearer’s feelings and hopes. For example, butterflies symbolised the soul, dogs symbolised fidelity, and salamanders and lizards symbolised passionate love!

Some of la recent trends in fashion are born avec la young college students, who don’t hesitate to play around avec their T-Shirts or scribble a-la-mode comments in their side sling bags. Sourendra Kumar Das takes a tour in one of la fashionable colleges in la Tinsel Town et brings forth what la young ones has to say…

Fashion is all about aptly expressing or uplifting la mood or dressing to kill for la right occasion. “I believe in making my presence felt et fashion allows me to do just that. To me, fashion developed much before college, but la campus is a platform to express my creativity, allowing me to experiment avec my wardrobe everyday,” feels Shanu Suresh, final year student of psychology in Mithibai College, Mumbai.

La latest trends avec la college students are pretty short day time dresses, colourful flats, big bags to go with them et bumble bee shades. “The latest trends however have shown a change in colours from vibrant colourful choices of attires, to soft pink, beige, white et cream avec sling bag, be it for a night or a day. Snakeskin shoes et solid coloured dresses are definitely a big yes! College is all about bright colours, so shades of purple, red, blue, et green, paired avec denims or frilly skirts can never go wrong,” revealed Suresh.

The brands are targeting la college students who feel brands are important et is what adds that extra finesse to an individual. “I prefer brands like Marks & Spencers, AND, United Colours of Benetton et Chemistry for clothes. A Diesel watch et Esbeda bag is what I wear regularly. I am always conscious of what to be worn in college however there are few college students who end up being fashion disasters as they go much over-la-top,” revealed Mandira Bahl, a second year student of Mithibai College.

No attire is complete without accessories et nail colours are a big yes for some of la younger lot. “I like to update my nail colours weekly et French Manicure is my favourite and I am crazy about finger rings, as I wear two cute rings in each hands that can be platinum of silver plated. Long thin earnings are a big yes avec leather watches combined avec modish jhola bags et slippers is la apt attire for a chic college student,” updates Ritu Kapadia, final year English Literature student of the college.

Fashion is all about being comfortable et looking gorgeous or handsome and one needs to develop an individual sense of style rather than copy someone else. “Life is one, so let’s live it stylish but when in college do dress like a student and not like a model in la runaway,” signs off Sanchita Roy, final year English Literature student of la college.

So, this season wear your best attires et be ready to dazzle la college campus in la brightest colours, modish bags, et chic accessories…
When the India Mens Week is just around the corner, and lanky to sturdy, buffed to jaundiced men are obtrusively capturing our consciousness, this outlandish menswear label, twenty (2) too, caught fashionfad’s fancy.
The brainchild of Mihai Dan Zarug, twenty (2) too is merely in its third year of existence, but its philosophy to celebrate fun in fashion, as well as to cherish personal individual style got many worthy eyes from the ramps of Paris to Berlin. Their Autumn Winter 2011 collection is testament to label’s playful approach while pushing the boundaries of male fashion. Mixing street wear, ironic details and classic tailoring, it is dedicated to create impeccably cut and sewn pieces.

For autumn/winter 2011, the feminine tunic-like tops and oversized chiffon shirts contrast with the severity of Doc Martens boots and dropped crotch trousers. At the same time, the abstract splodges patterns in shirts and tops and exposed stitching lines make Twenty(2)Too’s current collection a triumph, and a label to follow.

Regality has always been the leitmotif of the designers Rohit and Abhishek. So this season, without a trace of deflection, the duo is all set to thunder the Van Heusen India Mens Week 2011 with the valorous men taking over the ramp.

 Designers draw their inspiration from the age old world where the horse reigns supreme. The image of Royal warriors upholding ceremonial pageantry embodies signs of Victory. The adrenalin pumping tales of men fighting for land remind of the glorious past. The collection is meant for a passionate and committed individual who has sense of style and purpose, for someone who is looking for a signature style there by commanding respect and dignity. 

The silhouettes are masculine with a twist on urban tailoring where the jackets are dramatically stylized with high essence of accessories as in Metal Buttons, Rivets, Zippers, Medals and Broaches. The color palette revolves around a Vintage feel, starting from black to grey, brown to beige, army to sap green with flashes of blues and white.

It was the special moment for designer Charu Parashar (and, of course for us either), as it was the launch of her first flagship store at Gallery Mall, MG Road, New Delhi. Formally, launching the store along with the inaugural line was Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur over cocktails and canapés.

Skillfully bridging the glorious past with the present, Charu’s inaugural line brings back the regal aura her famed Rajwada line. Inspired by the classic beauty of the Veeranganas, the warrior Princesses of India, the collection explores their romantic feminine side while representing the chic, sexy demure of innocent love. Natural fabrics like chiffon, crepes and silk have been used regally with emphasis on cut and drape. The color palette is comprised of bright purple, beige, black, palm green and rose red. Further embellishments have been used to add luxe to the ensembles.

On the launch, Charu says, “The first flag ship store is always special for any designer. It is a beginning of a brand’s journey, the first creative milestone and I am happy that an icon of beauty Princess Diya graces the occasion today.” 

The store launch was graced by the who’s who of the city pouring in to have a look at the designer’s new atelier. The attendees include Sunil Sethi, Kamini Singh, Pushpita Singh, Rashmi Virmani, Niki & Suhani Mahajan, Nitin Vijay, Sangeeta Mehta, Ramola Bachan, Seema Puri, Anjana Kuthiala and Sharmila Nath amongst others. 

August 29, 2011

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Rembrandt I inni



It has not been an even progress growth of heritage after looking at the history of Poland. First when I visited the uprising museum in Warsaw – I saw how the whole city of Warsaw was shattered during the post war. There stayed hardly any traces of its heritage, it is said there remained no brick on a brick. After such a disgraceful look I had a feeling never can I touch the beauty of its past. But everything changed when I had a glorious look at the Lazienki park. 

Stanislaw August built up a fine collection of paintings during his reign. His residences, principally the Royal Castle in Warsaw and the Royal Lazienki, boasted a collection comprising, according to the 1795 inventory, 2289 works by the most important European artists of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, among others Rembrandt van Rijn, Angelica Kauffman, Per Krafft, Anton van Dyck, Nicolas de Largilliere, Gabriel Metsu and Marcello Bacciarelli. The multi-facted collection was to serve as more than mere decoration of the Royal seat. Stanislaw August perceived art as part of the image of the enlightened ruler and as “shaping the spiritual culture of the nation”.

The exhibition Rembrandt and others. The Royal Collection of Stanislaw August Poniatowski in the Palace on the Isle is the first to be unveiled in a series of exhibitions planned by the Royal Lazienki Museum, dedicated to the royal collections and the patronage of the last ruler of the Republic of the Commonwealth.The current exhibition was prepared on the basis of the royal inventory Catalogue des Tableaux appurtenant a Sa Maj. Le Roi de Pologne 1795, detailing the arrangement of paintings in, among others, the Royal Lazienki. The works are presented in accordance with the eighteenth century method of exposition, creating a decorative wallpaper effect. The paintings of Adam Manyoki, portraying figures from August II’s circle, as well as those attributed to that painter in the eighteenth century, have been returned to the Bacchus Room. The Portrait Room features works on various subjects, while the most valuable works from the King’s collection, among which are two paintings by Rembrandt van Rijn – “Scholar at His Writing Table” and “Girl in a Picture Frame”, are exhibited in the Picture Gallery. For the duration of the exhibition, the Salle de Salomon – most representative room in the Palace on the Isle presents the works of only one master, Stanislaw August’s great friend and art advisor – Marcello Bacciarelli. The last part of the exhibition is the Chapel, where three presented works are the equivalents granted to Poland under the Treaty of Riga, and one work is historically connected with the Palace Pod Blacha.


Posted by : Amal Kiran Jana from Warsaw, Poland at 04:17 PM